‘Ram Temple resolution to give future generations constitutional strength’, says PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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Image Source : ANI (VIDEO SCREENGRAB) Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Parliament in New Delhi.

PM Modi in Lok Sabha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Parliament during the Motion of Thanks on the matter of Ram Temple resolution today (February 10). This is the last session of the current Lok Sabha before the general elections, which are likely to be held in April-May 2024. The budget session was initially scheduled to conclude on February 9 (Friday) and has been extended by a day.

PM Modi said, “These five years were about reform, perform and transform in the country. It is very rare that both reform and perform take place and we can see transformation right in front of our eyes. The country is experiencing this through the 17th Lok Sabha and I firmly believe that the country will continue to bless the 17th Lok Sabha.”

“17th Lok Sabha has 97 per cent productivity, it was over 100 per cent in seven sessions,” PM Modi added. PM said in LS that many game-changing reforms which will lay the foundation of strong India took place in the last five years. 

PM Modi also said during this Lok Sabha’s term, decisions for which many generations waited for long were taken, cites repeal of Article 370. He cites decisions to criminalise instant triple talaq, the passage of women reservation bill to praise the outgoing Lok Sabha. 

“People of Jammu and Kashmir were devoid of social justice. Today, we are satisfied that we have brought social justice to the people of Jammu amd Kashmir in line with our commitment to social justice. Terrorism had become like a thorn, shooting bullets into the chest of the country. We formed strict laws against terrorism. I am of the firm belief that people who suffer through issues like this will receive strength like this,” PM added.

PM Modi on Ram Temple

“Lok Sabha’s resolution on Ram temple will give future generations constitutional strength to feel proud of country’s values,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi on Lok Sabha polls

“I believe that more quickly the government gets out of people’s day-to-day lives the stronger democracy will be,” said PM Modi in Lok Sabha on Saturday. 

“The next 25 years is very important for our country. Political activities have their place but the aspirations, expectations, dreams, and resolve of the country is that these 25 years are something in which the country will achieve the desired results,” added PM. 

PM replied to the Motion of Thanks on the Ram Mandir, as the final Parliament session before the Lok Sabha election concludes today.

PM appreciates LS Speaker Om Birla

PM Narendra Modi also spoke to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and told him, “You were ever-smiling. Your smile never faded. You guided this House in a balanced and impartial manner in several instances, for this, I appreciate you. There were moments of anger, and allegations but you controlled the situation patiently and ran the House and guided us. I express my gratitude to you for this.”

PM Modi speaks on New Parliament building

“Everyone used to discuss that there should be a new building of the Parliament. But no decision used to be taken. It was your (Lok Sabha Speaker) leadership that decided this, too matters forward, held meetings with the government and as a result, the country received this new Parliament building”, PM said. 

PM Modi on G20 Summit 

He said, “India received the opportunity of G20 presidency. India received a great honour. Every state of the country displayed India’s capability and their own identity before the world. Its impact continues on the mind of the world even to this day.”

PM on ‘Nyaya Sanhita’

PM said, “For 75 years, we lived with Penal Code given by the British. To the new generation, we can say with pride that the country might have lived under Penal Code for 75 years but the next generation will live with ‘Nyaya Sanhita’. This is true democracy.”

Ram Temple

The government brought a motion on Ram Temple in Upper House and Lower House on Saturday which is the last day of the interim budget session of Parliament. This discussion brought to a close the proceedings of the 17th Lok Sabha.

The BJP issued a three-line whip on Friday (February 9), directing its MPs to be present in both Houses on Saturday. The parliament passed a resolution thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha on Saturday held a short-duration discussion on the White Paper put out by the Centre and on the Pran Pratistha of Ram Lalla. The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Shri Ram Lalla was held on January 22 at Aodhya’s historic temple. 

BJP MP Satyapal Singh on Ram Temple 

Stating that “Lord Ram is everywhere,” BJP MP Satyapal Singh on Saturday termed the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhaya last month “historic” and said it is not a “communal” issue. 

“I am fortunate to get the opportunity to speak about the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the Pran Pratishtha of Lord Ram on January 22 inside the Parliament. It is historic to see the Pran Pratishtha and offer prayers to Lord Ram at the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya,” he said during the discussion in Parliament.”Ram is not a communal issue; Bhagwan Ram is a source of inspiration for us,” he said, adding that “Ram was Maryada Purshottam.””A discussion on Ram is also a blessing for all of us; Ram is a feeling for us..it is our legacy and heritage,” the BJP MP said.

During the discussion, he said that Ram was everywhere. “Ram is everywhere…”Lashing out at the previous Congress-led UPA government, he said, “In 2007, when the Ram Setu project was taken up, the UPA government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that there is no such person as Ram; this is a myth…”Today is the last session of the ongoing budget session of Parliament.

Amit Shah on Ram Temple

Union Home Minister Amit Shah says, “22 January was the beginning of great India…Those who imagine a country without lord Ram do not know our country well and they represent the days of colonialism”.