Ram Gopal Varma and producer Natti Kumar are now friends

There was a dispute between director Ram Gopal Varma and producer Natti Kumar for a long time. Their struggle escalated after the producers approached the court seeking a stay on the RGV directorial Dangerous. Now, as per the latest reports, the differences between them have come to an end as both have decided to settle and withdraw the cases against each other.

In a video shared on Twitter, Natti and Ram Gopal are seen explaining why they filed cases against each other. Natti said that she had filed a case against the director as she was misled by some people. On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma also said that he is being provoked. Lastly, the two have even promised to work in films together. Sharing the video, RGV wrote, “No permanent enemies in films and politics.”

According to a regional entertainment website, differences arose between RGV and Natti during the release of the film Maa Istam. Producer Natti approached the court seeking a stay on the release of RGV’s film ‘Maa Istam’ until the veteran director paid him Rs 5 crore, which he apparently had taken sometime back. Later the court stayed the release of the film.

Criticizing Ram Gopal Varma, Natti had said, “Ram Gopal Varma is a big cheater. I have to pay 5 crore 29 lakhs. When I ask for money, there is no response. I worked with RGV for 20 years. The director not only cheated me, but also fooled many people.”

On the other hand, RGV also did not take things lightly and decided to take the legal route against Natti. He had filed a defamation suit against him for making outrageous allegations. RGV also filed a complaint against the civil judge of Telangana High Court for banning his film.

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