Rakhi Sawant spotted in Mumbai with baby bump? They say,

New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant is one of the most entertaining actors in the industry. Whenever Papa sees her, she brings a smile to everyone’s face with her humour. But, this time he surprised everyone with his statement!

On Tuesday, Rakhi walked out of the gym with a baby bump and told Papa that she was pregnant, later revealing that it was a prank and she was playing with him. The video of this crazy incident is going viral all over the social media.

Actually Rakhi has made a baby bump by putting two balloons in her stomach. Rakhi hoists these balloons saying that she has become ‘pregnant’ and she will soon give birth to ‘Bahubali’. Seeing Rakhi in this prop, the public and paparazzi present there started laughing. Later she and her friend, ‘Lock Up’ contestant Shivam Sharma, take out the balloons and burst them.

Rakhi is making a lot of headlines these days as she is dating Adil Durrani and is often seen on lunch, dinner dates with him. Rakhi is quite popular on social media and has around 9 million followers and this number is increasing every day.

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