Rajewal: Many people are asking us for an alliance, we have not decided yet – Henry Club

Samyukta Samaj Morcha (SSM) leader Balbir Singh Rajewal on Thursday said that he has formed the party to save Punjab. “People are now aware and awake. Actually, AAP has got the maximum number of seats in Chandigarh because of the farmers’ movement. After the farmers’ movement, people woke up and wanted change. We saw the result in Chandigarh MC election,” he said while addressing the public at the party’s first program in Ludhiana’s Samrala constituency.

It is worth mentioning that Damanpreet Singh – the video of the candidate who lost the seat BJP The video of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation mayor is going viral in which he said that the BJP mayor targeted him because he was sending langar to the farmers sitting at Marka Chowk. The mayor reportedly harassed him so much that he decided to contest against him and won on his very first attempt.

Though talks are also on that SSM may tie up with AAP, Rajewal said, “Many people have approached us, but we have never gone anywhere.” We will discuss among ourselves before taking any such step. However, let us tell you that Thursday’s program was organized by Arhatia Federation of Punjab, which is headed by Vijay Kalra. Vijay Kalra was present at the function where he felicitated the farmer leaders of 22 unions after coming back from the Delhi border. Rajewal is a resident of Samrala area, so the program was kept in Samrala. But Kalra recently joined Captain Amarinder Singh’s party Punjab Lok Congress, while earlier he was the vice-chairman of Punjab Mandi Board in Captain Amarinder Singh’s government.

BKU Kadian President Harmeet Singh Kadian, who was also a part of SSM, said, “The event was organized by Ahitya to honor us as he supported us across the front. Therefore, nothing more should be read.”

Dr. Sweman Singh, a cardiologist from New Jersey, who came to India in December last year, was also present at the function. He said he never went back to New Jersey, although he had once planned to return on December 15. He is now part of SSM. He said that SSM has been formed to clean the system.
Ruldu Singh Mansa of Punjab Kisan Union, Buta Singh Shadipur from Punjab Kisan Manch, Manjit Singh Rai, Doaba Kisan Union and many others were also present at the function, where he said that Rajewal was authorized to take all decisions for the party. Is.

It was decided to start the activity in the villages and hence reach out to the villagers. SSM leaders said that youth would participate in the mass movement and a campaign of politics of change would be launched in rural and urban areas across the state.