Rajasthan: Man detained on suspicion of spying for Pak agency Jaipur News – Times of India

Jaisalmer: The Jaisalmer unit of military intelligence on Saturday night detained a suspect, suspected of spying, near the gate of the military station. Pakistan Intelligence what is ours. He is under interrogation.
It is known that the mobile phone with him has numbers of many countries including Pakistan.
Intelligence agency is expressing apprehension that this person is trapped in honey trap Again Intelligence agency ISI.
According to information received from official sources, a suspect working in the canteen of Jaisalmer Military Station has been detained by Military Intelligence. During interrogation, he revealed his name as Bay Khan (22), a resident of Basanpeer village in Jaisalmer.
His mobile was checked and it was found that he has contacts with several groups in Pakistan and also his numbers Sri Lanka, Australia, UK etc.


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