Raja Rani 2 Promo: Saravanan, Sandhya’s accident make it to the newspaper; Waiting for the twist?

The makers of Raja Rani 2 have released a new promo for the upcoming episode. Vijay TV show enthralled the audience from its first season and then made a comeback with the second.

The story of the show revolves around Sandhya, who aspires to become an IAS officer and unexpectedly marries Saravanan. Saravanan realizes Sandhya’s ambition after marriage and helps her family fulfill her dream. Saravanan’s mother was surprised that her daughter-in-law, who thought her illiterate, was well-educated. Now that the family has accepted Sandhya, Saravanan is helping her to fulfill her dream.

With a nail-biting plot twist, the promo begins with everyone sitting in the yard. Saravanan’s father was reading a newspaper surrounded by Sivagami’s mother, Saravanan, Sandhya, Saravanan’s brother and his wife Archana.

Saravanan, Sandhya and two others were rescued in an accident at Tenkasi. This incident has created panic in the newspaper. Saravanan’s brother noticed this and bought the newspaper. He is surprised to see a photo of Sandhya and Saravanan in it.

Saravanan took Sandhya to Tenkasi saying that he was taking her to the shop. Now if the family comes to know about the truth, it will create a big problem for Sarvna and Sandhya. The promo is getting a lot of buzz among the daily audience of the show.

Meanwhile, Alia Manasa, who earlier played the lead role in Raja Rani 2, is enjoying her time as a mother once again. She has recently given birth to a baby boy. Sanjeev and Alia were the lead pair in Raja Rani Season 1. The couple fell in love with each other and later got married. They are now parents of two children.

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