Punjab Election 2022 Postponed: Why Is It A Relief For Congress, BJP, AAP And Akali Dal?

Realizing the importance of the caste matrix for the multi-cornered Punjab Assembly elections, each political party approached the Election Commission of India (ECI) to postpone the elections in view of the hugely important Ravidassia sect in the state.

After political parties demanded postponement in view of the birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Ravidas, whose birthday is celebrated on February 16, the Election Commission earlier in the day, moved the polling from February 14 to February 20.

sect followers, Ravidassias As they are called, the state is estimated to have around 5 million. With such huge numbers, every political party wanted to ensure that they were not left out.

Followers of the sects visit Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh apart from organizing several events across the state.

The Chief Minister raised the demand to postpone the dates for the fear of Ravidass going to UP. Charanjit Singh Channi,

“If the polling is held on February 14, then the followers of Guru Ravidas will not be able to cast their vote as they will be traveling or busy in the preparations for the festival,” he said.

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Thus he urged the Election Commission to consider postponing the dates so that the people of this community can participate exclusively in the election process.

had to join the chorus for postponement Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Akali Dal And Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Ravidasiya mainly resides in the state’s Doaba region, which comprises 23 assembly constituencies and each seat has a Scheduled Caste population of between 25-75%.

The Congress is focusing on the politically important Doaba region, which is why the party was also considering declaring a second seat for CM Channi from this region.

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