Punjab Congress trapped in Captain’s politics: If Preneet himself had resigned, the post of MP would not have remained, that is why the party was forced to take action

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  • Preneet himself resigned, he does not have the post of MP, so the party was forced to take action.

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Capt Amarinder Singh with MP wife Preneet Kaur.

Punjab Congress is caught in the politics of Captain Amarinder Singh. If the Captain’s wife Preneet Kaur herself had left the Congress, then under the anti-defection law, she had to leave the post of MP. If the party itself expels her, then she will continue to be an MP. This intention seems to be fulfilled now as Congress has issued show-cause notice to Preneet Kaur.

She herself did not have to leave the Congress, so Preneet Kaur definitely appeared with her husband Captain Amarinder, but did not make anti-party rhetoric. So far he has only said that he is with the Captain as a family. He had never opened any cards regarding politics.

pressure on the party

In such a situation, there was pressure on the party and Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Chaudhary issued a notice to him. For which they have been given 7 days time. In which she has been asked whether she is with the Punjab Lok Congress Party of husband Captain Amarinder Singh or of the Congress, in which Preneet Kaur has been asked to be held responsible for the anti-party activities.

2 reasons for the compulsion of Congress
After Captain Amarinder Singh left the Congress, there is a ruckus among the Congressmen of Patiala. Captain is MLA from Patiala and his wife Preneet Kaur is an MP. Captain supporters are sitting on important positions there. There is a political war, especially over Patiala Mayor Sanjeev Sharma Bittu. The mayor has to prove his majority on Thursday itself. So this step was taken to put pressure on the supporters of Captain or Preneet.

Second, Captain Amarinder Singh has announced to contest the next Vis election from Patiala itself. In such a situation, if Preneet stays in Congress, then it is easy for her husband to garner support from her dominance. Especially, the way to get work done by the government should be kept open. That is why the Congress wants to isolate the Captain family completely.

Congress also left the middle ground
Congress has also left a middle ground in this. Usually, the Disciplinary Committee of the Congress issues a notice to an MP. Here the Punjab Congress Incharge has issued a notice. Tomorrow, this bet does not fail, so the Congress has also kept a solution to its rescue.

Punjab Congress Incharge Harish Chaudhary sent notice to MP Preneet Kaur

Punjab Congress Incharge Harish Chaudhary sent notice to MP Preneet Kaur

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