Punjab Congress leaders say Sidhu ‘crossed a line’ with hunger strike threat against Channi government


Punjab Congress Due to continuous rhetoric against the Chief Minister of Navjot Singh Sidhu, the leaders have started feeling uneasy. Charanjit Singh Channiof the government, some claimed that the cricketer-turned-politician was violating the ‘line’ too many times.

As elections draw closer in a few months, leaders say Punjab Congress chief Sidhu’s criticism of his own party’s government on social media is not only tarnishing the party’s image, but its It is also hampering the electoral prospects.

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Commenting on Sidhu’s threat to go on a hunger strike if the Channi government does not release the report on the drug menace and sacrilege cases of 2015, Congress MLA Kulbir Singh Zeera said: “The issues being raised by Sidhu are right. But there is only one party platform for that. He is the party’s (state unit) president and he can raise it directly in front of the chief minister instead of choosing a public platform.”

Agreeing with Zira, another party MLA, Barindermeet Singh Phara, said: “Every concern raised by Sidhu has been addressed, as Congress as a party also wants to address the concerns of the people. But raising every complaint in a public forum is not good for the party’s image.”

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Former Punjab Congress chief Sunil Jakhar too, has been posting cryptic tweets with subtle sarcasm on both the current and previous governments. In a tweet on Friday, Jakhar shared a video of Sidhu’s press conference and took a jibe at Sidhu for pointing fingers instead of blaming him.

Party sources said some leaders are also contemplating to take up the issue with the party high command. Party affairs in-charge Harish Choudhary, however, ruled out any hustle and bustle in the state unit.

Sidhu’s latest attack came on the Channi government on Thursday when he threatened to go on a hunger strike if the probe report into the 2015 cases of drug abuse and sacrilege in the state was not released.

“If this report is not made public then it should be answered why the former chief minister was sleeping for four-and-a-half years, it should be found out why the home minister was sleeping,” Sidhu said.

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