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Punjab Congress Incharge Harish Rawat’s unique words: Our party benefits from the dispute between Captain and Sidhu, the opponents kept telling this quarrel in advance, the election script of Congress

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  • Controversy between Captain and Sidhu benefits our party, opponents keep telling this quarrel in advance, Congress’s election script

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In the dispute between Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Congress President Navjot Sidhu in Punjab, Congress in-charge Harish Rawat has said a unique thing. Rawat said that the dispute between Captain and Sidhu will only benefit the Congress in Punjab. When asked about the discord in Punjab Congress, Rawat said that if there is a dispute between Captain and Sidhu, then it will be a plus for the Congress. This is important because the opponents have been alleging that the fight between Sidhu and Captain is the election script of the Congress itself. Especially he has been calling it an election trick of political strategist Prashant Kishor (PK). With Rawat’s new statement, opponents may get another chance to attack the Congress.

Harish Rawat also said that there is no discord in Punjab Congress. If the leaders there speak loudly, then it seems that there is a quarrel. He said that even if there is any issue, it is not us but the leaders there that are resolving it amongst themselves. Discord in the party has increased after Sidhu was made the state Congress chief. Even the Congress is divided into two groups. Harish Rawat has made many rounds to solve this. Have also met Sidhu and Capt separately. Despite this, Sidhu did not miss to target the Captain Sarkar. However, except for his reaction to the controversial remarks made by advisors Malvinder Mali and Pyare Lal Garg, Captain Amarinder Singh has not made any direct attack on Sidhu so far.

Captain’s leadership in Punjab Vis election and Panj Pyare’s statement created a ruckus

Harish Rawat had first described Navjot Sidhu as Punjab Congress chief even before the formal announcement. However, he later took a U-turn. After this he had said that the 2022 Punjab assembly elections would be fought under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh. There was a ruckus within the Congress regarding this. The party’s organization general secretary Pargat Singh had questioned the authority of Harish Rawat’s decision. However, Rawat later reversed this. After this Rawat called Sidhu and the four executive heads ‘Panj Pyare’ in Chandigarh. When protested, after apologizing in Chandigarh, he went to Uttarakhand and performed the service of sweeping and cleaning shoes in Gurdwara Sahib.

The tussle to snatch the ministry continues in Sidhu’s mind

In 2017, when the Congress government was formed in Punjab, Navjot Sidhu was made the local government minister. However, later there was a lot of ruckus about his working style. After which the Captain changed the cabinet and gave this ministry to his close senior leader Brahm Mohindra. At the same time, Sidhu was made the power minister but Sidhu never handled this ministry. The captain is looking after its work. After this Sidhu sat silently. However, he continued to target his own government through tweets. Sidhu became active after his name emerged as the party chief in Punjab.

The high command ignored the displeasure of the first captain

When there was a dispute in the Punjab Congress, the Congress high command formed the 3 member Kharge Committee. Who listened to all the MLAs in Delhi. After which it was agreed to remove Sunil Jakhar as party chief in Punjab. After this, when there was talk of making Sidhu the Punjab head, the Captain got angry. The Captain said that first Sidhu should apologize for the allegations leveled against him in the interview and tweet, only then he would meet him. The high command, bypassing the displeasure of the captain, made Sidhu the head. After this, showing a big heart, participated in the coronation ceremony of Captain Sidhu.

Then the revolt against the captain was rejected by the high command.

After Sidhu became the head, four ministers Tript Rajinder Bajwa, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Charanjit Channi and Sukh Sarkaria revolted and the high command rejected him. They didn’t even get the time to meet. All these were demanding the removal of the Captain from the Chief Minister’s chair. After this Harish Rawat came to Punjab and first met Sidhu. The next day when Rawat reached to meet the Captain, Sidhu reached Delhi. However, giving a setback to Sidhu from there, the high command returned him without being found, advising him to strengthen the organization.

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