Prosecutors claim husband made ‘great effort’ to cover up wife’s murder in new court details


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — In court this Thanksgiving morning, prosecutors held their case against a man who is accused of allegedly murdering his wife, including a $250,000 life insurance policy from her death. Signed two days ago.

Probable Cause In court, prosecutors said that Christopher Collins “tried hard” to see that his wife was killed by an intruder.

Collins did not appear in court when the details of his case were read because he was being evaluated in a mental health unit.

It all happened a week ago at the couple’s northwest Harris County home in the 18000 block of Clayton Bluff Lane.

Investigators said Collins originally called law enforcement from Jim after saying that his wife Yuanhua Liang texted him about a stranger in the house.

He met investigators in the house where Liang was found dead in the living room.

But now, investigators believe it was all an elaborate ploy.

Collins, a former member of the military, and his wife, originally from China, share their pets, gardening, and other activities widely on several social media channels.

Investigators say Collins’s story of a stranger in their home does not match. He pointed out that the house had not been ransacked, and when he went to the gym where he worked out, he said he found some incriminating evidence.

Officials said that in a locker at the gym, investigators allegedly found Liang’s wallet, which Collins had reported missing, and her cosmetic bag.

According to details revealed in court, surveillance video at the gym purportedly showed Collins walking around for 45 minutes, working out for 5 minutes, then going to the cafe to take calls.

At the couple’s home, investigators noticed that Collins had security cameras installed. Officers reportedly asked Collins why he didn’t investigate when his wife sent him a text about the intruder. According to investigators, Collins said he would use her when he was out of the country to investigate his wife, but did not think to investigate her on the day of her murder.

Original report: HCSO says woman found dead in NW Harris County home told husband about encroachment on property

Collins reportedly told investigators that Liang often went insane, and that’s why it took him 45 minutes to get back home after sending him a worrying message.

A witness told investigators that he heard her arguing from home just before he was shot.

Investigators said they also found documents on a $250,000 life insurance policy signed by the couple on November 16, two days before Liang’s death.

Collins reportedly told him that he was driving the rental car because his vehicle was taken back.

Investigators say Liang was shot while wearing a sleep mask and a bag was found on his head. Prosecutors said this was further evidence against Collins, as it is common practice to cover the victim’s face when a suspect does not want to see someone he wants to die.

“This indicates that the bag was placed over his head after he was shot. Based on the officer’s training and experience, it is assumed that the action took place when a person had a personal relationship with the deceased person. It happens, he doesn’t want to see his face, they die, ”prosecutors said in court. “The officers searching the house found a sheet of paper on the desk inside the residence. The paper was for life insurance of $250,000. The respondent and the complainant had signed the papers for life insurance on November 16, 2021, the officer said.

Investigators said they also found a .22 caliber live round in Collins’ pocket. According to the medical examiner, Liang was shot with a small caliber handgun, which resembled a .22 caliber bullet.

Collins is being held in prison on a bond of $150,000. The judge said he should surrender his passport and not talk to any witnesses.

If he commits a confinement, he must wear an ankle monitor and impose a curfew.

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