Priyanka Chopra stuns at Matrix Resurrection’s premiere; Nick Jonas’ parents attend his ‘amazing moment’

Priyanka Chopra has shared a series of pictures from the US premiere of The Matrix Resurrections on her Instagram. The post features him alongside veteran Matrix stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss and Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Erendira Ibarra and Jada Pinkett Smith. The premiere took place in San Francisco.

Sharing the pictures, Priyanka wrote, ‘Proud! I can’t wait for you all to see @TheMatrixMovie! #MatrixResurrections. For the premiere, the actress was sporting the shades of her outfit from her character ‘Sati’ from The Matrix Resurrection. TV and film producer Ekta Kapoor called the moment “huge” and a series of red heart emojis for Priyanka Dropped the post. Hollywood celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff commented, “Dear, you’re so good at it!”

In another post, Priyanka thanked her mother, Madhu Chopra, and the parents of her husband, singer Nick Jonas, for being a part of “this wonderful moment”. The actress also wrote gratitude for her team.

“Crew! I’m so grateful for my family. Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful moment with me. My team without whom I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this. Grateful. Missed you, Nick Jonas, ” She wrote.

Set for release in theaters and HBO Max on December 22, The Matrix Resurrection is the fourth film in the iconic sci-fi franchise, 18 years after the release of the sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution, and 22 years after the release. Launch with Matrix. It takes place 20 years after the events of Revolution and follows Neo (Keanu Reeves) living a normal life as Thomas A. Anderson in San Francisco, where his doctor gives him blue pills.

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