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Private bus not taking extra fare for Durga Puja? State Transport Department is monitoring

#Kolkata: The state transport department has warned bus owners to hike bus fares further during Durga Puja 2021 season. For the past few months, there have been frequent complaints in the office that the bus fare is increasing. In some cases, bus fares have been doubled. And this is the reason why bus owners have been made aware of the role of the transport department in the coming days to bring the extra fares under control.

Motor vehicle inspectors raided several buses on the complaint of increasing the fare. It can be seen that the fare of Rs.8 is Rs.10. The fare for Rs 9 is Rs 15. The fare for Rs 11 is Rs 20. The fare for Rs 12 is Rs 25. The routes with the most complaints are buses on 3C/1, 240, 259, 12C/1,12C, 12 and Anti Doll Bug routes. Bus owners of all these routes have been informed in advance, after which their permits will be canceled if they overcharge the bus fare. Whatever private bus-minibuses have landed in Kolkata, their fare is being charged from the passengers as a happy fare. 10 rupees have been taken as soon as you step on the bus. However, there was a complaint of passengers that if they meet on one or two routes, they will have to pay Rs 15 or even Rs 20.

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How to increase bus fare without government instructions? The bus conductors demanded, “If you run a bus with as many passengers as the number of seats, you will incur a loss on running the previous fare. Hence the higher fare is being charged. Passengers are also cooperating.” Similarly, private buses can be seen on more than one route than before. Meanwhile, commuters thronged the city and suburbs to get off private buses. But passengers have to pay more as soon as they board the bus. Not only this, the bus conductors are happy to pay the fare. Bus passenger Tapan Dey said, “We are fortunate to get off private buses. But now we have to pay more than double the fare we had to pay before going from Shyambazar to Science City. We are not being given any tickets.” Passengers on routes 226, 234, KB-64, 93, 30-D are talking about similar experiences. Passengers complained that more fare is being charged on Belgharia to Gulf Green, Dum Dum Cantonment to Babughat, Bagbazar to Goria, Bangur to BNR route.

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Just like you have to pay Rs 10 to board the bus, similarly the stage fare has been reduced to Rs 15, Rs 20 on some routes and Rs 12, Rs 15, Rs 18, Rs 20 on some routes. However, two-three bus conductors are being installed in Shyambazar as before. Despite the increase in the number of private buses in the city and suburbs, passengers are charged more. Bus Owners Association representative Tapan Bandopadhyay said, “The government has not increased the fares.

Abir Ghoshali

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