Poster wise: BJP vs JMM; An exercise in muscle-flexing to welcome PM Modi

Last Update: 12 July 2022 at 3:12 pm IST

File photo of BJP's saffron flag and JMM's green flag.  (Image credit: News18 File/PTI)

File photo of BJP’s saffron flag and JMM’s green flag. (Image credit: News18 File/PTI)

While BJP put up saffron posters to welcome PM Modi in Deoghar, Jharkhand, green posters of Jharkhand government and JMM showed PM with CM Hemant Soren.

A poster war has erupted between rival BJP and JMM, with both political parties dotting this sleepy little pilgrimage town with posters of rival saffron and green welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP’s saffron colored poster has only Prime Minister Narendra Modi With the image of Deoghar Jyotirlinga on them. While the Jharkhand state government and the JMM have Prime Minister Modi with Chief Minister Hemant Soren prominently in the posters in green, which is the color preferred by the tribal party.

JMM’s poster says Johar (Santhali for Welcome) PM Narendra Modi, BJP has chosen Sanskrit word Swagatham which also means welcome. The ‘war’ over whether to welcome the prime minister appears to be an exercise of muscular flexion between the two rivals, with neither wanting to give the other a particularly eye-catching space. JMM is an ally of Congress and formed the government in alliance with it. While states regularly put up posters and buntings welcoming the Prime Minister or President in their states, rival parties rarely put up their own posters welcoming the PM.

The JMM has also put up its green flags with a bow-and-arrow symbol with its founder Shibu Soren on the way to Modi’s roadshow. To counter this, the BJP has set up several stages with artists throughout the route featuring its various wings – youth, women and farmers.

Various steps have been taken by local communities like Adivasis, Sahu Samaj and others also with the support of BJP. In these posters, another regional organisation, the All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU), once an ally of the BJP, has also put up its tricolor green-red-blue flags to mark its presence. The Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone for various development projects, including an airport, at Deogarh on Tuesday. He will also visit the Shaivite Jyotirlinga temple `Baidyanath Dham in Devgarh.

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