Population explosion is not a problem of any religion: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Image Source: File Photo Senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvik

Senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Tuesday said that the ‘population explosion’ is not a problem of any particular religion, but is troubling the entire country. He further said that people from all walks of life should work together to find solutions.

Addressing reporters, the former minority affairs minister said that no country can ignore or tolerate the problem of “population explosion”. The effective measures taken by most of the countries to control the population have yielded positive results, he said, adding that the people of these countries have supported their respective governments and administrations in their efforts to control the growing population.

He said that increasing this problem by making religion a ‘protection shield’ is neither in the interest of the country nor the society. Naqvi said, “Population control is not a challenge for any particular caste, but it is a big challenge for the entire country and we all have to work together to find a solution to it.”

In an apparent swipe at Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rehman Burke’s remarks that giving birth to a child is omnipotent, Naqvi said some people want to create “unlimited problems under the pretext of Allah’s mercy” on the issue of population control. , By tweeting late on Monday night, Naqvi said that the problem of population explosion is not of any religion but of the country and it is not right to associate it with caste and religion.

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