Policemen will plant saplings in Hubli. Hubli News – Times of India

Hubli: For the first time in the state beat police will be put up for adoption plantsWhich they give water daily while on duty in their respective areas.
The Inspector of Police of Gokul Road Police Station has decided to install tree guards in the police station limits and 91 constables to take care of the plant. Gokul Road Police Station has 68 beats and 91 employees including officers. They have to plant saplings in their respective beet area. The officials have already collected saplings of peepal, neem and others.
JM Kalimrichi, Inspector of Police, Gokul Road, Hubli, said the second wave of the pandemic has taught a lesson on the importance of oxygen. To create awareness about greenery among people and motivate them to grow trees, we have decided to start a program called Beat Gay Ondu Police Mara (One tree for each beat). Forest Department and the NGO Green Karnataka Association,” he said.
There are 68 beats in Gokul Road station jurisdiction, including several policemen, who will plant saplings in their respective beat areas. He along with 23 officers and other employees will nurture the plants till they become trees. “A bank has agreed to provide tree guards, and the program will be launched soon,” he said.
There will also be a beat committee constituted to maintain law and order and other issues in the concerned beat area. “Involving the beat committee for watering and protecting the trees planted by the police will help in creating awareness among the people and also motivate them to grow trees,” expressed hope.
Dr. Mohan D Kashikunti SDM Hospital Appreciated the police for the “great initiative”. “There is a need to create awareness and motivate people to plant more and more trees,” said the doctor.


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