Poisonous gas spread in Delhi’s RK Puram: 5 people hospitalized, complaining of burning in the eyes and shortness of breath

New Delhi9 hours ago

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There was panic in the RK Puram area of ​​the national capital Delhi due to the spread of poisonous gas on Wednesday night. People complained of burning in the eyes and difficulty in breathing. Dozens of people are also being claimed to be unconscious.

At the same time, Delhi Police said that five people were taken to the hospital after complaining of itching in the eyes due to exposure to poisonous gas in Ekta Vihar of RK Puram last night. Fire brigade and 2 ambulances along with DDMA team also reached the spot, situation is under control.

Denying claims of gas cylinder leaking or catching fire
Delhi Police has denied the claims of any gas cylinder leaking or catching fire in Ekta Vihar. Police officials say that neither gas cylinder caught fire nor smoke came out from anywhere in this area. Further action is in progress. All necessary steps are being taken.

Masks were distributed to the people at the spot
According to the report, on receiving information about the gall leak, many philanthropists reached the spot and distributed masks to the people, so that people would not have trouble breathing due to the poisonous gas. People were very nervous. Nobody could understand anything. The situation gradually returned to normal after the police officials reached the spot.

Where did the poisonous gas leak from?
From where the poisonous gas leaked in Ekta Vihar area, it is not yet known. Delhi Police is engaged in its investigation. There are CRPF and NSG camps near the spot. Some people are claiming that the gas leaked from these camps, but this has not been confirmed by the police officials.

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