PM Modi’s Gujarat visit: Prime Minister Modi will launch ‘Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana’ in Vadodara on 18th, will also visit Pavagadh

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  • Narendra Modi Gujarat | Chief Minister will launch Matru Shakti Yojana in Vadodara on 18th

Vadodara5 hours ago

Will inaugurate and lay foundation stones for projects worth over Rs 21,000 crore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of projects of various departments costing more than Rs 21,000 crore under the ‘Gujarat Gaurav Abhiyan’ program in Vadodara on June 18. During this program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the ‘Mukhya Mantri Matrushakti Yojana’ (MMY) statewide. The Government of Gujarat has announced ‘Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana’ with the objective of providing nutritious food to both mother and child and improving their nutritional status from the first 1000 days of pregnancy to the first 1000 days of motherhood.

Along with this, women of tribal areas will be included under this scheme by launching ‘Poshan Sudha Yojana’ in all tribal dominated tehsils of the state. Before this, PM Modi will reach Pavagadh at 9.15 am and will have darshan of Mahakali Mataji. After this, here at 11.30, we will meet the heritage forest and later leave for Vadodara.

Poshan Sudha Yojana has been implemented in 10 tehsils of tribal dominated districts.

Poshan Sudha Yojana has been implemented in 10 tehsils of tribal dominated districts.

‘Poshan Sudha Yojana’ will also be launched in tribal dominated tehsils
Pregnancy and lactating stage are very important in a woman’s life. The mother needs a large amount of nutrition for the baby (fetus) present in the mother’s womb and to breastfeed it after birth. To meet this need, the state government had implemented ‘Poshan Sudha Yojna’ on a pilot level in 10 tehsils of 5 tribal dominated districts of Gujarat including Dahod, Valsad, Mahisagar, Chhotaudepur and Narmada. Now by expanding it, this scheme will be implemented in total 106 tehsils of all 14 tribal dominated districts of the state.

Mobile application has also been created
Under the scheme, one time complete nutritious food is provided to the pregnant and lactating mothers registered in the Anganwadi. Along with this, iron and calcium tablets and education about health and nutrition are given. A special mobile application has also been developed for monitoring and monitoring of the scheme. 118 crore for this scheme in the current year. Provision has been made under which about 1.36 lakh beneficiaries will be covered every month. In order to improve the nutritional status of mothers and children of the state, the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Gujarat is constantly striving to build a strong and healthy society.

Mukhyamantri Matrishakti Yojana to provide healthy food to mother and child.

Mukhyamantri Matrishakti Yojana to provide healthy food to mother and child.

What is Chief Minister Matrishakti Yojana
Poor nutritional status of the mother hinders the development of the baby (fetus) in the womb, which in turn leads to poor health of the baby. Malnutrition and anemia in pregnant mothers have a serious impact on the growth and development of the child. The 270 days of a woman’s gestation period and 730 days from the birth of the child to the 2nd year i.e. a total of 1000 days is called the ‘First Window of Opportunity’. It is essential to strengthen the nutritional levels of mother and child during this time. Understanding the importance of this topic, under the ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ of the Government of India, it has been asked to focus on these 1000 days of mother and child. Under this, it will be ensured that mother and child can get healthy food.

Pavagadh temple will also be visited through ropeway, the temple will remain closed for three days.
On June 18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Pavagadh to inaugurate the development works, for which the temple trust has decided to keep the Pavagadh temple closed from 12 noon on 16 June to 3 pm on 18 June. has gone. Prime Minister Modi can go in the cargo ropeway. For which the work of making 4 trolleys is also going on. Ashok Pandya, secretary of Pavagadh Temple Trust, said that Prime Minister Modi will travel from Vada Talab to Manchi by road and then reach the temple via ropeway.

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