PM Modi will visit Prayagraj on December 20 and will attend a special program of over 2 lakh women

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Prayagraj on Tuesday and over two lakh women will participate in a one-of-a-kind event, his office said. The program is being organized as per Modi’s vision to empower women, especially at the grassroots level, by providing them with the necessary skills, incentives and resources, the PMO said, adding that an amount of Rs 1000 crore will be deposited in their bank accounts. will transfer to Self Help Groups (SHGs), benefitting about 16 lakh women members.

This transfer is being done under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM), with 80,000 SHGs receiving Community Investment Fund (CIF) of Rs 1.10 lakh per SHG and 60,000 SHGs per SHG revolving Rs 15,000 receiving funds. Said it.

To encourage Business Correspondent-Sakhis (BC-Sakhis), the Prime Minister will also transfer an amount of Rs.4000 as first month’s stipend to the account of 20,000 of them. When BC-Sakhis start their work as a provider of financial services at the grassroots level, they are given a stipend of Rs 4,000 for six months, so that they become stable in their work and then through commission on transactions. Start earning, said the PMO.

During the programme, Modi will transfer a total amount of over 20 crores to over 1 lakh beneficiaries under the ‘Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana’.

This scheme provides conditional cash transfer to a girl child at different stages of her life. The total transfer is Rs 15,000 per beneficiary. He will also lay the foundation stone of 202 Supplementary Nutrition Manufacturing Units. These units are being funded by SHGs and will be constructed at a cost of around Rs 1 crore for a single unit.

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