PM hits out at opposition: Yogi govt plays ‘jail jail’ India News – Times of India

Meerut: Prime Minister taking a dig at the previous governments in Uttar Pradesh Narendra Modi Said on Sunday that criminals used to “play their game” earlier but now Yogi The Adityanath government plays “jail jail” with them. Addressing a crowd after laying the foundation stone of the state’s first sports university in the name of hockey icon Major, he said, “Earlier there used to be illegal land-grabbing tournaments.” Dhyanchand700 crore to be built at a cost.
Modi said that youth will now get the right kind of opportunities in sports. He said that till five years ago, daughters in UP were afraid to step out of their homes after sunset, but now they are “rising like stars”.
Referring to the Kairana exodus in which over 250 Hindu families are claimed to have fled fearing criminals, Modi said, “The people of Meerut And the surrounding area will never forget how houses were set on fire and people were forced to leave. Amidst all this, earlier governments indulged in their respective games.
Referring to the closure of the illegal Sotiganj car junk market in his speech – the second time he has done so at his rallies in western UP – he said the Yogi government has “ended the car theft game”.
Made fun of former CM Mulayam Singh Yadav Without naming them, Modi said, “Governments should behave like parents and inspire and support people with talent. It should not be called ‘ladko se galatiya ho hai’.” In 2014, Mulayam had said that giving death penalty for rape is wrong as boys make mistakes.
Modi also talked about the sports goods, jewelery and Gajak-Rewari industries of Meerut. “Meerut is also known as a manufacturing hub of sporting goods, which are exported to over 100 countries. This is the true meaning of ‘Local for Vocal’ and ‘Local for Global’,” the PM said. Sports University will be set up in Salwa village on the outskirts of Meerut city.