Petrol, Diesel Prices On February 8: Check Latest Rates In Delhi, Mumbai And Other Cities

Petrol, diesel prices on February 8: Fuel prices stable;  Check Rates in Your City

Petrol, diesel prices on February 8: Fuel prices stable; Check Rates in Your City

The last time fuel prices in India changed was on May 21, 2020, when excise duty on petrol was cut by Rs 8 and on diesel by Rs 6.

Petrol and diesel prices in India remained the same on February 8, continuing an eight-month period of stability, despite volatility in the global crude oil market. This is due to price stabilization by the Oil Marketing Corporations (OMCs).

last fuel prices India The change was made on May 21, 2020, when the excise duty on petrol was cut by Rs 8 and that of diesel by Rs 6. Experts expect fuel prices to remain unchanged till OMCs make up for the losses incurred in the last few quarters.

Petrol prices in India’s four major metropolitan cities have remained relatively stable, with most prices hovering around the Rs 100 range. Petrol is the most expensive in the country’s financial capital Mumbai. It is being sold for Rs.106.31. Kolkata is the second costliest, with petrol costing Rs 106.03 per litre, followed by Chennai where the price for the same quantity is Rs 102.63. Delhi is the only city where one liter of petrol costs less than Rs 100 at Rs 96.72. This information is provided by OMCs of India and is the latest data available.

Diesel prices have remained constant in four major cities of India. The lowest price is Rs 89.62 per liter in Delhi, followed by Rs 92.76 in Kolkata, Rs 94.24 in Chennai and Rs 94.27 per liter in Mumbai. While prices vary between cities, they remain relatively constant, with only minor differences between them.

Check petrol rates in different cities of the country on February 8:


Petrol: Rs 96.72 per liter

Diesel: Rs 89.62 per liter


Petrol: Rs 102.74 per liter

Diesel: Rs 94.33 per liter


Petrol: Rs 106.03 per liter

Diesel: Rs 92.76 per liter


Petrol: Rs 106.31 per liter

Diesel: Rs 94.27 per liter


Petrol: Rs 101.94 per liter

Diesel: Rs 87.89 per liter


Petrol: Rs 96.62 per liter

Diesel: Rs 89.76 per liter


Petrol: Rs 109.66 per liter

Diesel: Rs 97.82 per liter


Petrol: Rs 108.65 per liter

Diesel: Rs 93.90 per liter

Gandhi Nagar

Petrol: Rs 96.63 per liter

Diesel: Rs 92.38 per liter


Petrol: Rs 96.01 per liter

Diesel: Rs 83.94 per liter


Petrol: Rs 107.71 per liter

Diesel: Rs 96.52 per litre.

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