Petrol, diesel price today is below Rs 100 in many cities of India. Check Fuel Rates Here


The central government had announced reduction in excise duty On auto fuel, Rs 5 on petrol and Rs 10 on diesel. Following the decision, several states governed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and allies have also cut Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel prices, however, fuel rates are rising above Rs 100 in most Indian cities. Huh.

There is no change in the prices of petrol and diesel for the 23rd consecutive day India On Friday, 26 November. Earlier this month on November 4, the central government slashed the excise duty on both the major fuels to bring them down slightly from the record-high level. Fuel rates have remained stable since then.

Petrol is currently being sold in Delhi for Rs 103.97; As per the price notification by state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs), the diesel rate was Rs 86.67. In Mumbai, petrol is currently selling at Rs 109.98 per litre; While diesel is being sold at Rs 94.14 per litre. Significantly, on May 29 this year, the country’s financial capital became the first metro in the country where petrol was sold above Rs 100 per liter.

One liter of petrol can be bought in Chennai for Rs 101.40. On Friday, the price of one liter of diesel was Rs 91.43 per litre.

In Kolkata, a liter of petrol costs Rs 104.67, while diesel costs Rs 101.56 per litre.

After touching the sky at Rs 116.98 per liter last month, now petrol can be bought in Bhopal at Rs 107.23 per liter, which has been reduced by Rs 6.27. Similarly, a liter of diesel was being sold at Rs 106.38 per liter in the same period, which is now being sold at Rs 90.87 per litre.

Meanwhile, global oil prices fell more than 1 per cent in the first quarter amid concerns of a rising surplus after the United States coordinated release of crude reserves. Brent crude futures fell 96 cents, or 1.2 per cent, for the third session at $81.26 a barrel by 0130 GMT, the latest update shows. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude followed the trend and was down $1.35, or 1.7 percent, at $77.04 a barrel, Reuters reported.

Following are the diesel and petrol prices in these metros and Tier-II cities of the country:


Petrol – Rs 109.98 per liter

Diesel – Rs 94.14 per liter


Petrol – Rs 103.97 per liter

Diesel – Rs 86.67 per liter


Petrol – Rs 101.40 per liter

Diesel – Rs 91.43 per liter


Petrol – Rs 104.67 per liter

Diesel – Rs 89.79 per liter


Petrol – Rs 107.23 per liter

Diesel – Rs 90.87 per liter


Petrol – Rs 108.20 per liter

Diesel – Rs 94.62 per liter


Petrol – Rs 100.58 per liter

Diesel – Rs 85.01 per liter


Petrol – Rs 94.58 per liter

Diesel – Rs 81.29 per liter


Petrol – Rs 95.28 per liter

Diesel – Rs 86.80 per liter


Petrol – Rs 95.35 per liter

Diesel – Rs 89.33 per liter


Petrol – Rs 106.36 per liter

Diesel – Rs 93.47 per liter

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