Peruvian lawmakers move impeachment motion against President Castillo


LIMA: Opposition lawmakers in Peru, including the party of right-wing presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, introduced a resolution in Congress on Thursday calling for the removal of leftist President Pedro Castillo.

The motion, citing “moral incompetence” to govern, was submitted with the signatures of 28 legislators. It would face a vote in Congress, which is not yet scheduled, where 52 votes from 130 MPs would be needed to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Castillo’s team did not respond to a request for comment.

A final vote would require 87 votes to oust Castillo, who came to power in July but saw a decline in his popularity, including from his own Marxist Free Peru Party, over mining protests and key ministers and ministers. Amidst the scandals that struck consultants.

Possible impeachment, although it has yet to gain traction, has cast a shadow over Castillo’s administration. The Peruvian Congress, which usually leans to the right, has a history of controversial impeachment.

The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office recently launched an investigation into a key presidential adviser, Bruno Pacheco, and found $20,000 in the bathroom of his government office in the raid. Pacheco, who denied wrongdoing, resigned last week.

Peru, the world’s second largest copper producer, has had five presidents since 2016.

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