Parents say that school heads have been abusing SC students for years. Coimbatore News – Times of India

Coimbatore: According to the school students and their parents, the headmistress of a government school in Iduvai village near Tiruppur, who was suspended on Saturday for making clean toilets for the scheduled caste students, repeatedly harassed the scheduled caste children for the last three years. The bar was abusing. ,
A parent told TOI that some parents had raised the issue with the headmistress last year when the children complained that she was forcing them to clean the toilets. The parent said, “At least 10 of us met the headmaster, but he said it was our kids’ fault. We left assuming that she was punishing the kids for their mistakes, but now it’s like that.” He seems to have abused children in the name of caste.” ,
A class IX girl, who was one of the complainants, said that she had been witnessing such behavior with Scheduled Caste students for three years. “On some occasions when we were caught coming late to school, the headmistress used to make fun of us citing our poverty and our caste. She used to say that our lower caste parents put us in government schools Because they cannot afford private schools. When she saw us talking to the boys, she would say that we are not good at studies and we should get married soon,” said the student.
It is learned that a teacher had persuaded the students to take up the issue with District Chief Education Officer R Ramesh, who had gone to the school on Friday. A senior official of the school education department said prima facie evidence shows that the allegations were true. “She was silent when the headmistress was questioned, so we suspended her,” the official said.