Parents, PUBG creators are bringing these 6 features to make BGMI safe for kids

South Korean developer Krafton, the company behind pubg mobile And battleground mobile india has launched a campaign aimed at educating gamers to make the platform safer for others. The ‘Game Responsibility’ campaign will begin with a series of films encouraging users to take a pledge to take care of themselves and their squad members’ mental health while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. campaign from crafton To promote safer and more responsible gaming and to create awareness about safe and healthy gaming habits.

first movie out youtube Which addresses the parents of gamers and constantly tries to solve the problem of gaming in a light-hearted manner. There is a second movie that will tell gamers about the importance of watching from their phone screens from time to time. The movies are meant to convey the message of responsible gaming with Battlegrounds Mobile India. Crafton also listed some of the stages parents should be aware of that exist within the game. Let’s take a look:

virtual world warning message: Gamers should be aware that they are entering a virtual world just before the game starts. There is an in-game audio that is supposed to remind gamers that this is a virtual world and not their real life.

OTP authentication – Every player under the age of 18 is required to register a parent or guardian before they can start playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. An OTP is sent to the registered person’s number, after which the minor is allowed to play.

brake reminder – battlefield mobile India There is a game that can be very addictive. With children playing sports, it is very easy for them to lose track of time. Hence, the developer has put in place reminders that remind gamers to take breaks during intense gaming sessions.

Gameplay Limitations – Players under the age of 18 cannot play Battlegrounds Mobile India for more than 3 hours in a day.

daily spending limit – To avoid kids spending more than their parents’ cards, Crafton has also put in-game spending limits. You cannot spend more than Rs 7,000 on in-game purchases in a day.

Moderated game graphics – The developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India have sensitized the game graphics to promote a healthy gaming culture. It involves less violence, bloodshed, and a softer language. For example, the color of blood in the game is green, and the kill is now called “finish”.

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