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Pakistan’s terrorist module was targeting India’s economy, told terrorists to ‘burn the factory’

New Delhi: After a terror module that was planning attacks during the upcoming festive season was busted, the Special Cell of Delhi Police, interrogating the six arrested terrorists, revealed that the attack was aimed at damaging the economy.

India’s economy on the radar

The Special Cell of Delhi Police busted a terror module operated by Pakistan and arrested six including two suspected terrorists trained from Pakistan. During interrogation, terrorist Zishan has confessed that the terror module was targeting India to damage the economy.

Not only this, Zeeshan also disclosed about the master plan and said that after Kovid, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI wants to carry out ‘economic terrorism’ in India. Giving details, he said that during training he was instructed that in a situation where explosion is not possible, he should suffer financial loss. The terrorists were asked to burn down factories, godowns, showrooms and shops and also targeted the cotton trade through railways. He asked the cotton bogies to be burnt by blast to ensure maximum economic loss.

Jaan Mohammed in touch with ISI

In fact, sources in the Special Cell said that terrorist Jaan Mohammad has been in touch with Anees Ibrahim and ISI. Jan Mohammed confessed to extortion at the tobacco factory and also killed a businessman named Anwar. Jaan Mohammad has been questioned by Maharashtra ATS for about two and a half hours.

According to the sources of the Special Cell, a big face of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has come to the fore. They have also hired people who were tasked to help terrorists reach Pakistan through a water source via Muscat.

Sources in the Special Cell informed that the boat was also carrying ISI officers, who had sent messages to their officials in Pakistan about every movement. Not only this, sources also say that there was a system from firing range to physical training in the farm house where terrorists were given training at Gwadar Port of Pakistan.

The training was conducted in three shifts. In the first shift, a cleric would come and brainwash the jihadis, including Zishan and Osama, by showing them videos of atrocities against a particular community. In the second shift, the people of the Pakistani army used to train these terrorists to operate weapons and make bombs. It was also told how to make bombs from household items. In the third shift, ISI personnel used to train these boys to attack, recon and find targets by hiding in crowded areas.


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