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It’s clear today that public-health officials got all kinds of things wrong, and that many bad decisions – especially those about closing schools – were made in an atmosphere of panic. Still, on the basic question of how bad the disease would get, officials were more right than their more optimistic critics. Even with rapidly developing vaccines, we have reported 670,000 people with coronavirus deaths and counting. This death is less, yes, than some absolute worst case estimate. but it’s still more 50 times More deaths than the initial predictions of those who thought officials were panicking too quickly.

In this sense we have already run a version of Hess’s counterfactual. Covid has been deadlier than many on true hope or prophecy, and yet the partisan divide that took shape last spring hasn’t really budged, with Republicans still taking the liberal side in debate after debate – closures, masks, Now the vaccine mandate.

But I’m still not sure that Hayes is right about the 10 times worse scenario about Covid, which is basically the same across its divisions. As bad as the coronavirus has been, most people who get it are still fine, children are unlikely to be hospitalized or die, and deaths are concentrated in a population, the elderly in nursing homes, that (to our shame) It’s a matter of) It’s a thing) We’re already somewhat out of mind.

Yes, Long Distance Covid Is a Real Problem, But America Is Good at Ignoring It chronic disease epidemic. yes it seems notable trend For a right-wing talk radio host dying of illness – but in the big picture of celebrities, most famous deaths When Tom Hanks or Trump himself fell ill, more than likely weren’t clear.

And as terrifying as it is that one in 500 Americans has died from Covid, it is still too easy to pass through the pandemic. Without If a close friend or family member dies from it—as I haven’t, for example—it would be a one in 50 toll.

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