On LinkedIn, PM Modi Invites Students, Young Professionals To G-20 University Connect Finale

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited university students and young professionals who want to pursue further education for the G-20 University Connect Finale programme. The G-20 University Connect Finale is slated to take place at the Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre on September 26. 

In a post on the social media platform, LinkedIn, PM Modi said, “Over the last one year, the G-20 University Connect programme brought together India’s Yuva Shakti. The initiative, spanning the entire year, proved to be incredibly fulfilling, yielding highly satisfying outcomes. It showcased to the world how our youth have emerged as vibrant cultural envoys, who have cemented enduring connections with the G-20 fraternity.”

Extending the invite, the Prime Minister said, “I am delighted to invite you all, especially the university students and young professionals who are keen to pursue further education to a very special programme which will take place on Tuesday, 26th September.

“On that day, the G-20 University Connect Finale will take place at the iconic Bharat Mandapam – the same place where esteemed world leaders converged for the G-20 Summit a few days ago,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that it has given the young the opportunity to learn more about India’s G-20 Presidency, the issues we have focused on during our Presidency, spark a sense of global community, and get ready to be active creators of a Viksit Bharat by 2047.

“The G-20 University Connect initiative has witnessed many programmes under its banner. These programmes have been held across the length and breadth of India and have witnessed extensive participation from higher education institutions. In fact, what initially began as a programme for universities quickly grew to include schools and colleges, reaching an even wider audience, PM Modi said in his LinkedIn post.

“One particularly noteworthy event was the “Model G20 Meeting,” where students from 12 different nations, including 10 G20 countries, came to discuss the theme “Youth for LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment),” PM Modi noted. Prime Minister Modi said he is excited to hear about our Yuva Shakti’s experiences at the unique G-20 University Connect programme and to learn from them.

“Their enriching journey is bound to ignite inspiration among the youth of our nation. I particularly urge all the youngsters to join this unique endeavour,” PM Modi added.