Omicron threat: Chandigarh-like restrictions of Kovid vaccine in Punjab but no fine, no entry in crowded places, buses, hotel-restaurants, gyms and cinemas

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Chandigarha few moments ago

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CM Charanjit Channi

If you have not got double dose of Kovid vaccine, then do not go to crowded places otherwise police can take action. Such people should stay at their home. In view of the threat of Omicron in Punjab, the state government has issued strict orders. This order will come into effect from January 15. These orders are exactly the same, which have been imposed by the Chandigarh Administration. However, like Chandigarh, a fine of Rs 500 has not been kept in this.

The government argues that people who did not get the Kovid vaccine are more at risk of Omicron. In view of this concern, such people should not go to public places, markets, functions, public transport and religious places etc.

These are the orders of the Punjab government

In public places, vegetable markets, grain markets, public transport, parks, religious places, malls, shopping complexes, haats, local markets and similar crowded areas, only those people will get entry, who have got double dose of vaccine. This condition will be applicable to the eligible population category i.e. people above 18 years of age. If anyone is found without a double dose, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 500. The double dose will be exempted on the same condition that they have administered the first dose but the time for the second has not yet come.

This order for government and private places

  • In all government, board and municipal offices of Punjab government located in Chandigarh, only those employees will get entry, who have got double dose of vaccine. In these, only those people will get exemption, whose time for the second dose has not happened.
  • In Punjab, in hotels, bars, restaurants, malls, shopping complexes, cinema halls, gyms, fitness centers, only double doses will be allowed or those who have taken one dose and the time of the other has not passed.
  • In Punjab, only double dose customers will be given entry in government and private banks. In this also, only those who have got one dose and have not had time for the other.

84 days off for Covishield and 28 days on Covaccine

In the case of the second dose, only those people will get the exemption, which has not yet been 84 days from the Kovishield. At the same time, if Covaccine is applied, then there should not be more than 28 days for the second dose.

Such will be the investigation

People will have to carry a double dose certificate while going out. Apart from the print out of the certificate, people can also keep a copy of it in the mobile. The second dose is not due yet, for this the certificate of the first dose has to be shown. Those who do not have a smartphone, they should have a message from the Kovin portal that the vaccine is successful. There should be Arogya Setu App to check vaccination status.

On the spot vaccination also available

Anurag Verma, Principal Secretary (Home), Punjab Government said that if there is a need for vaccination in any office, then the Chandigarh Administration is ready to send its teams there. Apart from this, the administration can also organize regular camps if there are more people.

Orders issued by Punjab Government…

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