Ola S1 Pro stopped working, owner took e-scooter using Hero motorcycle – View

While Ola is upping its game, achieving new milestones in terms of bookings and sales, as well as planning to launch a new venture in the form of Ola electric cars, many customers are looking for the company’s products. Not too thrilled about it. In Ola S1 Pro, many problems have come to the fore from the users. A new incident has come to the fore in the chain of such incidents where one of the owners of the electric scooter had to take the scooter back home.

The video from Haryana was originally posted on the social media platform by the account Sandhu Vlogs. The video shows an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter parked in the middle of a field. Based on the video, the owner parked the scooter and went to do his work, but when he came back, the scooter did not start. Scooter did not respond even after much effort and had to be taken back home.

According to the footage, when he took out the scooter, it had 55 per cent charge. He did not say how long he used the scooter. However, he mentioned in the video that he had a similar situation in which he drove the scooter for 50 km with full charge, but was unable to travel 25 km in normal mode. However, there is no video proof of this.

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This is not the first time that complaints have been received regarding the range of Ola electric scooters. There have been many such incidents in the past, where owners have complained about this issue. However, the company took note of such developments and introduced the MoveOS 2.0 software update to address the range along with a few other new features. Apart from this, there are also some customers whose Ola scooters have a range of 200 km.