Now women will drive Pink Auto: Male drivers say – women are afraid to sit, they find iron nets safe less cage

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  • The driver said the woman does not sit, the riders said madam, the iron mesh gives the feeling of being jailed

New Delhi6 minutes agoWriters: Deepti Mishra

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Pink autos are plying between yellow-green autos in Noida and Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi, but now their steering will be in the hands of women. In fact, in the third phase of the Uttar Pradesh government’s Mission Shakti, the Divisional Transport Authority, Ghaziabad has sought applications from women for Pink Auto Permit by November 20. The question is, why were women not given permits for 5 years? What is the status of the running but running Pink Auto released in the year 2016? What precautions are being taken while issuing a permit? Read, the investigation done about Bhaskar Woman’s Pink Auto …

When the team of Bhaskar Woman reached Noida’s Sector-62 at 10 am, many pink auto drivers were sitting there and going towards their respective destinations. The office-goers were in a hurry, so the auto people were not ready to stop and talk. It was worth noting that all the Pink Auto drivers and the passengers sitting in it were men.

The team spoke to Pink Auto’s driver Raju Sharma, who was standing in line to get CNG in Noida Sector-71, to get answers to their queries. Raju of Sambhal district of UP tells that he came to Noida in the year 2015 in search of livelihood. Started driving here by renting an auto. Bought a second hand pink auto and permit two years ago. Raju says that since 2016, the Transport Department had stopped issuing permits for Pink Auto, so it was difficult to get a new permit. The auto was packed with iron mesh, so passengers did not sit in a hurry. Ever since the mesh was removed, the passengers started sitting. Now daily earning is from 700 to 1000 rupees.

A Pink Auto driver carrying passengers from Noida Sector-62.

A Pink Auto driver carrying passengers from Noida Sector-62.

Pink Auto’s fake feeling like being in captivity
Women passengers say that after sitting in the auto, they used to get packed from all around. The iron mesh in it would make one feel like being in jail. The feeling of being safe was less fear dominated. Another woman says that it felt like being imprisoned in a cage. Hence, she did not sit in the fake pink autos.

Women ride in priority, men can also sit
Pink auto driver Ashok Chauhan, who is waiting for a ride in Noida Sector-22, tells that he came to Noida in the year 2011, since then he has been driving the auto. In the year 2016, when Pink Auto’s permits were issued, he also applied and got the permit. However, it was for a female driver. Women drivers, even after waiting for several hours here, only a few women rides were available. If the men could make the passenger sit, the traffic police used to cut the challan. 300 rupees would have been earned in a day, the family could not survive with it. Tired, parked the auto for three-four months. After that the order of the administration came that men can ride, but women passengers will have to be given priority.

Pink auto driver Ashok Chauhan waiting for a ride in Noida Sector-22.

Pink auto driver Ashok Chauhan waiting for a ride in Noida Sector-22.

Why were pink autos launched on the roads?
After the Nirbhaya gang rape, an initiative was taken to run pink autos and buses to make the journey of women safe in many cities across the country. Pink auto means completely pink or their roof is pink in color. Special features like panic button and GPS tracking system were arranged in these. It was first started in 2013 in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. After this, pink autos were run in many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Women are driving pink autos in these cities
Bhaskar’s investigation revealed that except Mumbai and Ranchi, pink autos are either absent from the roads of most cities or have become normal autos. Dinesh Soni, president of Jharkhand State Diesel Auto Driver Federation, says that women have been driving pink autos for about 9 years. At present, 40 to 45 pink autos are plying in the city. However, now some female drivers have started making male passengers as well.

Do women drivers have a sense of insecurity when a man is seated? On this, Aarti Bohra, who got women trained to drive pink autos in Ranchi, says or not. There is no feeling of insecurity or fear in the minds of women drivers. However, they exercise caution.

Pink Auto Mahila Service of Ranchi.  (file photo)

Pink Auto Mahila Service of Ranchi. (file photo)

Initiative of Statue of Unity Authority
The authority handling the management of the world’s tallest monument Statue of Unity in Gujarat has taken the initiative to run Pink Auto. Janis Prajapati, a resident of Kevadia, said that the local administration has selected tribal women for the Pink Auto project. Trained them and got their driving license made. At present, 10 Pink Autos are plying in Kevadiya.

…so that Pink Auto reaches the right hands
Transport Authority Secretary Arun Varshney said that after five years, the commissioner of Meerut division, Surendra Singh, has taken an initiative to issue permits to provide employment to needy women. For this, only the responsible women should get the permit, for this, all the necessary documents including driving license and many information like father’s or husband’s name have been sought. For the safety of women, many features like camera, GPS, panic button, helpline number and BLDD have been updated in the auto.

Work continues on making ‘Pink Ka Safar Hai’ a reality
Arun Varshney said that initially 250 to 300 permits will be issued. After the trial, work will be done expeditiously to bring Pink Revolution. So that ‘Pink’s journey is safe’ in the minds of people and all fear vanishes. The driving test of the women who have applied will be taken. Only women who pass the test will get the permit.

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