Noida Police Arrest Delhi Man for Reckless Driving Near Amity

A video making rounds on social media captures a disturbing incident near Amity University in Noida involving a black Mahindra Thar. The vehicle, marked with ‘Gurjar’ and sporting tinted glasses, is seen recklessly maneuvering on the road, endangering pedestrians and other motorists.

In the brief footage, a pedestrian narrowly avoids being hit by the Thar as it swerves abruptly. The sudden actions of the car force a group of individuals to hastily retreat to safety. This alarming behavior prompted Noida traffic police to take swift action after the video gained traction online.

The car owner was slapped with a hefty fine of Rs. 35,000 for multiple traffic violations, including reckless driving, illegal tinted windows, and endangering public safety. Additionally, e-challans were issued under various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act, highlighting the severity of the offense.

Identified as HR30z4504 and located in Sector-125, Noida, the vehicle drew attention from law enforcement, leading to the initiation of legal proceedings. The Sector-126 police station launched an investigation, aiming to apprehend the culprit responsible for the dangerous driving.

Despite alarming statistics revealing a significant number of traffic accidents and casualties in Noida, some individuals continue to disregard traffic regulations and pose a threat to public safety.

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Social media users expressed mixed reactions, with some applauding the police for their prompt response while others criticized the delayed action following the video’s virality. Calls for stricter penalties, including license suspension and vehicle seizure, echoed online, highlighting the urgent need to prioritize pedestrian safety and deter reckless driving behavior. Many interpreted the incident as a deliberate attempt to intimidate pedestrians, underscoring the broader issue of aggressive driving tactics employed by certain car owners.

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