‘No Hugging, Focus on Study, No Romantic Relationships’: UK School’s New Rules Angers Parents

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Last Update: January 13, 2023, 10:59 AM IST

Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Children are being stopped from hugging, holding hands and being romantic at Highland School in Chelmsford (Image: Unsplash)

Children are being stopped from hugging, holding hands and being romantic at Highland School in Chelmsford (Image: Unsplash)

Highlands School in Chelmsford mandates that students cannot hug, hold hands or have romantic relationships

A school in Chelmsford, UK, has been accused of imposing harsh rules on children after students were banned from hugging and holding hands, Essexlive said in a report.

Highlands School stated that they would not allow romantic relationships between students and that those caught using mobile phones would have their phones locked in the vault for the rest of the day.

School officials defended the move, saying that most parents support the police and that it leads to mutual respect among students and prepares them to behave professionally when they enter workplaces in the future. does.

essex live cited a letter from the school’s assistant headmistress, Katherine McMillan, which stated that Highland School officials would not tolerate “any physical contact” between members of the school community.

Parents said they were informed about the new rules by their children and were not informed about the policy by school officials.

talking to a parent Esexlive, criticized the move and said that inappropriate touching, hitting and punching should be dealt with and that these rules do not teach students how to develop healthy relationships.

Parents told local UK-based news outlets that the school was encroaching on children’s “ability to empathize with their peers”.

The school underlined that “any aggressive physical contact, hugging, holding hands, slapping anyone” will not be tolerated.

“This is to keep your child safe. If your child is touching someone else, whether they are giving consent or not, anything can happen. It can hurt, it can make someone very uncomfortable. , or someone may be touched inappropriately,” said the letter seen by the news outlet.

“While we want your children to have truly positive friendships, hopefully lifelong ones, we do not allow romantic relationships at Highlands. Your child is of course able to form these relationships outside of school with your permission,” the letter continues. Having said.

The letter states that the students in the school will be asked to focus on learning and the school does not want children to be distracted by relationship issues.

Parents who spoke to the news outlet criticized the school for implementing the new rules. Most of them termed the approach as archaic and said that it is unnecessary in this day and age. He said that this step will also affect the mental health of the children.

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