No ‘Booth Polish’ for MCD: 3 Reasons Why BJP Lost the Delhi Plot despite Giving Flats to Slum Dwellers

After ruling the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for 15 consecutive years and despite knowing the system very well, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost the civic body elections to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) – a battle that many People feel, in view of the many videos showing AAP in bad light along with the leaked video of your minister, the victory was easy Satyendra Jain getting massage While in jail.

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Many leaders believe that while there is no sign of civic polls Future of BJP In the union territory, most of them agreed that the party cadre was demoralized and booth management collapsed on polling day. Some of them also said that many Panna Pramukhs or Panch Parmeshwars did not perform their duty at the booths and none went door-to-door to distribute slips, leave alone bringing voters to the polling booths.

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This close contest in Delhi could have dire consequences Delhi BJP In the coming days. “All the issues we faced during MCD rule, you will also face them. But now you councilors will be contacted for civic work. The last link for people to get their work done has been lost in many places,” said a senior party leader.

A look at the top reasons given by state leaders Party’s defeat in MCD,

Reason 1: Defective ticket delivery

Speaking to News18, some senior leaders cited poor ticket distribution as the main reason for the close contest. Some said that ticket distribution was done without proper consultation with the Members of Parliament. A senior party leader said, “Taking three names from the MPs does not mean they were consulted.”

Reason 2: Not so effective implementation of Panch Parmeshwar concept

Some in the party noted that in many areas there was no one from the BJP to distribute slips with the names of voters and the booths they would vote from. In fact, some people in the party said that the AAP cadre had come to his house to distribute pamphlets. While the party prides itself on its strong organization and conducts Panch Parameshwara Sammelan to boost the morale of the booth-level cadre, this election has exposed the ‘paper’ implementation of an otherwise brilliant concept.

Reason 3: Delhi needs a leader, feels top state leadership

The lack of a leader, who will be given the mandate to rejuvenate the Delhi unit by asking everyone to fall in line, has been cited as another reason by a senior party leader. With so many power centers and groups operating at every level, mandal, district or assembly or parliament, there was no unifying authority that could command loyalty from the cadre. “The names of the candidates were sought from a set of people. They gave their names and when their names were not accepted, they got angry and stayed at home or pretended to work. This should have been looked into,” said a senior party leader. A source said, “One of the MPs who was in demand among Purvanchal voters was to campaign in other constituencies but was asked not to go for the scheduled campaign after another MP objected.”

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In the last phase, the party had appointed general secretary Sunil Bansal and national secretary Sunil Deodhar to supervise the election. Many believe it has made a difference.

What does this defeat mean for the BJP in Delhi?

While the local body polls are not an indication of how the party will perform in the Lok Sabha polls, losing the municipal polls in Delhi could still be a matter of concern for top BJP leaders.

While the PM is eyeing every state where the BJP can make up for any Lok Sabha seat it loses, especially where it has won almost all the seats like Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana, party leaders fear It is believed that this victory of AAP means that if the party has to win all the seven seats, then it will have to work more on its cadre.

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“Workers need to be proactive. Even if the vote is in the name of the prime minister, voters need to be reminded by our panna pramukhs to vote for the party,” said the source.

There are others who are looking for a silver lining. “People will know the corrupt AAP and soon they will be disillusioned,” he said. This would mean that we would have a good chance of winning the next assembly elections,” said a senior party leader.

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