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Nipah virus not under control, but 20 test negative: Kerala Health Minister

Chennai: Kovid-battered Kerala, which has been on high alert ever since the deadly Nipah virus re-emerged in the state, has breathed a sigh of relief and 20 samples sent for laboratory tests to NIV, Pune have returned negative.

A Nipah case was detected in Kerala’s Kozhikode when a 12-year-old boy contracted the virus on Sunday. State health officials then sent samples of 20 people, mostly primary contacts of the deceased patient, to the National Institute of Virology in Pune.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Wednesday that all 20 have tested negative.

He said, “The situation in the state is not completely fine, but the results are happy. A total of 68 people are under isolation at Government Medical College, Kozhikode. All the patients are stable.”

“As per the rules of Nipah spread, after the last case is reported, one waits for 21 days and then for another 21 days, if there are no more fresh cases, one can say that Nipah has spread, so we Will have to wait longer and things are fine,” George said.

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Of the 20 people whose samples were sent to Pune, five were those who had symptoms and 15 were those who had direct contact with the deceased. On Tuesday, the report of 10 other samples also came negative.

“Now we are waiting for the results of 21 more samples, while 68 people are under observation at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. So for now, things are under control,” George said.

State Forest Minister AK Saseendran said that the department would cooperate with all to collect the samples from bats and domestic animals from the present location, especially from the victim’s house and its surrounding areas and for this a consultation with the officials of NIV Bhopal. The team is on it. Way. Meanwhile, as a precaution, the area of ​​the deceased has been cordoned off.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka heightened vigil in border districts

Meanwhile, Karnataka tightened security in border districts as Dakshina Kannada – which shares border with Kerala – is on high alert as officials claim that every passenger is being checked and if there is a difference in temperature and Those showing symptoms, they will be sent back. Police personnel are strictly checking the supply of fruits from Kerala to Karnataka.

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Tamil Nadu Strict monitoring was also done to prevent the spread of Nipah virus. Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramaniam on Sunday said that he had informed senior health officials of the nine districts that share their border with Kerala to monitor the fever soon after the death from Nipah virus infection was reported.

(IANS. with inputs)


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