News24-Today’s Chanakya: BIG Majority To BJP In Madhya Pradesh, Congress To Bag Chhattisgarh, Telangana

Nation’s most accurate, most trusted, and unbiased agency, Today’s Chanakya has predicted BJP’s major win in Madhya Pradesh in its state analysis. In its analysis of 230 seats of MP, Today’s Chanakya has shown as many as 151 ± 12 seats for the ruling party.

As per the analysis, Congress is settling for 74 ± 12 seats in Madhya Pradesh where it had grabbed the majority in the last assembly elections of 2018.

If we go by vote share, the BJP is fetching 45% ± 3% of votes whereas Congress is getting 38% ± 3% share of votes.

Chhattisgarh seems to see a repeat of government this time as Congress seems to bag 57 ± 8 seats out of the total 90 seats in Today’s Chanakya analysis. On the other hand, for BJP 33 ± 8 seats have been predicted. The vote share of Congress sees a spike up to 45% ± 3% whereas for BJP, the numbers are 38% ± 3%.

The most interesting competition is happening in the state of Rajasthan where Congress and BJP can be seen in a neck-to-neck fight. As per the analysis, Congress might fetch 101 ± 12 seats whereas BJP may score great on 89 ± 12 seats out of 200 seats. For Congress, the vote share in this state may range as 41% ± 3% and for BJP, it may go around 39% ± 3%. Others have been predicted to bag 20% ± 3% of vote share.

The BRS govt in Telangana has been jolted as per the analysis where it is shrinking to 33 ± 9 seats whereas Congress is emerging as the leading party with approximately 71 ± 9 seats. For BJP, the game seems really tough as the party will have to settle for 7 ± 5 seats. The vote share of Congress is shown as 41% ± 3%, for BRS it is 35% ± 3%, while BJP is getting 14% ± 3% of votes.

News 24-Today’s Chanakya analysis has been accurate in the assembly elections of Karnataka, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. Our predictions have always been made to the accuracy of results. What News24-Today’s Chanakya predicts, becomes the outcome of EVMs.