New Year’s Eve at Home—Here Are Some Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Family

New Delhi: New Year comes with lots of hope and enthusiasm to work towards a bright future. And remember the past year with hope because all the ups and downs that have come and gone in that year are remembered.

However, one more thing that comes along with New Year’s Eve is what it takes to make it special. The past year has been tough with the pandemic and this change is still happening in everyone’s life.

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Given that it’s still not over and one still has to be on the alert, which means staying home on New Year’s Eve for one’s safety, here are some things you can do to make sure you spend it at home. And still make it special.

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Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Family

organize a game nightUsually, our lives get so busy that we forget what it’s like to enjoy game nights with the family. Since this New Year’s Eve is to be held at home, why not indulge in some of the games we always enjoyed but never get the time for now. Your games can vary from board games to charioteer or anything your family likes.

a night to remember– If you are not into board games, you can try this. Sit with your family and take a pen and paper each. Now list the funniest and best moments in the past year. They can also be the most embarrassing moments (one’s embarrassing moments are usually funny to other people in the family). Now spin a bottle, and whoever is prompted by the bottle has to tell their funny, embarrassing, or best story of the year.

a family movie nightThere’s always a movie that every member of your family wants to see but doesn’t have time for. Guess what, New Year’s Eve is the best time for such a film. Just sit with the TV and play that particular movie that everyone wants to watch. If there is no such film, try something new. Pick something from the list, a new movie that no one has seen, a standup comedy, or an old movie that you know not everyone will like, even if you can watch it later.

a photo arranging night– Not as boring as it sounds. We all have photos of those times when they weren’t digitized and were hard copies that are now locked in a cupboard somewhere in a photo album. Well, New Year’s Eve is probably the best time to take it out and organize them properly. While doing this you can hear stories about that strange picture that was always around and you knew there would be an even more strange story attached to it. If your photo album is organized, take it out anyway and save some old stories.

And this is the last time for those who do not feel like doing anything special and want to give themselves some rest from their busy week.

give yourself some space– If you feel too tired from all the party stuff and just want to take some time for yourself. Do it now, because the coming year will probably bring more work. So, just sit back, and do what you feel like. Read a book you wanted but never got the time. A book and hot chocolate make up for the lost energy. And maybe write yourself a letter thinking about all the amazing things you want to do for the next year. This way you can see it next year and know how much you have grown in one year.