New dispute between the Center and Punjab: Power Minister said – will not install pre-paid meters; Center warns to stop funds

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  • Narendra Modi Vs Bhagwant Mann Controversy Between Punjab And Central Government On Prepaid Electricity Meters

Chandigarh16 hours ago

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A new tussle has started between the Center and the Punjab government regarding smart pre-paid meters. In Punjab, the power minister of the AAP government led by CM Bhagwant Mann, Harbhajan Singh has refused to install prepaid meters. They say that we will install smart meters. Prepaid meters cannot be installed so quickly. At the same time, the Center has warned Punjab that in 3 months, install 85,000 smart prepaid meters or else the center will not give electricity improvement fund.

Free electricity by the AAP government
According to the plan of the Center, if the smart prepaid electricity meter is installed, then the free electricity scheme of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will be interrupted. AAP had promised that after the formation of the government, 300 units of electricity would be given to every household. If a prepaid electricity meter is installed, first it will have to be recharged, then electricity will be available. This is the reason why AAP government is not taking interest in it. Power Minister Harbhajan Singh said that we will take a decision according to the public interest.

Compulsion to pay bills now, pay as much as you use in prepaid
In normal or smart electricity meter, people have to pay the bill for the whole month. There are some such expenses, which have to be paid on a monthly basis even if the electricity is not used. On the contrary, if a prepaid meter is installed, it can be recharged like a mobile. As and when needed, people can recharge and use electricity. There will be no hassle of meter reading in this.

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