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Nephew slams ‘spineless’ party, Mamata keeps Gandhi family close What’s in store for TMC-Congress bond?

on 6 August, when Mamata BanerjeeK’s nephew and TMC leader Abhishek stepped out of the ED office after a grueling investigation, with many expecting him to attack the BJP for political vendetta, but it was his potshots at the Congress that raised eyebrows in political circles.

“The Trinamool Congress, unlike others, will not sell its backbone or hide it inside its house. If BJP thinks it can scare TMC by doing all this, if they think TMC will give up like Congress and other parties, then we will fight harder. We will go to every state where they have killed democracy.

It was the same day when a section of the state Congress told the top party leaders that they wanted to contest elections here. BhabnipurFrom where Mamta Banerjee will contest the elections.

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The Grand Old Party high command was quick to dismiss the state cadre, with Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury saying: “We don’t want to give any advantage to the BJP and therefore we don’t want to give any candidate in Bhabnipur.”

The latest developments between the TMC-Congress have exposed the striking hot, cold ties between the parties that are trying to stitch together an alliance to take on the BJP’s grand alliance in 2024.

The latest outreach began after the Bengal election results of May 2, and especially when Mamata Banerjee visited Delhi.

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Congress sent its ideologues to TMC Sharing Abhishek’s picture on Twitter Just a day before Mamata Banerjee’s Delhi visit during the Pegasus controversy. The TMC supremo also held a cordial meeting with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, where he stressed on opposition unity for 2024. The TMC was also part of a breakfast meeting convened by Rahul Gandhi to prepare a roadmap during Parliament’s impasse.

Sources in the TMC say the party is clear that they will be co-warriors with the Congress, a stance that leaders have reiterated, but will not accept whatever the Congress adopts. In this context, this statement of Abhishek Banerjee becomes important.

Many in TMC feel that Congress is not aggressive enough and Abhishek’s statement was meant to shake the hornet’s nest. The “weakness” of the Congress is also fueling the BJP, which the TMC accuses of using agencies like the CBI and the ED against its political rivals.

Congress has kept silence till now. Speaking to News18, party MP Pradip Bhattacharya said: “Congress has always fought communal forces and we will continue to do so.”

Political pundits are of the opinion that TMC is keen to forge an alliance with the Congress, but feels that the Grand Old Party can no longer take the same shots as before. Abhishek’s statement thus prompts the Congress to pull its socks off before 2024.

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