Neha Kakkar rolls on the floor, performs Naagin dance with husband Rohanpreet Singh; watch video

Last Update: 10 July 2022 at 7:58 pm IST

Neha and Rohanpreet dance like there is no tomorrow

Neha and Rohanpreet dance like there is no tomorrow

Rohanpreet Singh shared a video from wife Neha Kakkar’s birthday celebration on his Instagram, in which he can be seen rolling on the floor

Neha Kakkar and husband Rohanpreet Singh often indulge in some fun-filled moments. This couple also expresses their love on social media equally, and the fans love it very much. now. Rohanpreet aka Neha K Rohu shared a glimpse of how he and Neha dance together at parties. And by madness we mean lying on the floor and dancing like madness!

Rohanpreet shared a video of himself and wife Neha Kakkar at what seems to be Neha’s birthday party from last month. Both are expressing themselves as if no one is watching. Yes, Neha quickly lies down on the floor and dances. Rohanpreet is quick to join him and the two continue the madness. In the video, Rohan wrote, ‘If your partner can dance like this without alcohol, then marry him. She captioned the video, “Miss u laado aaja jaldi plezi nehuu ..” Neha also responded by writing, “Oh .. I will be home soon Lavi .. ️😇” Watch the video here:

How cute both were looking in the video, the fans created a lot of ruckus. Many called them a ‘cute’ and a ‘cute’ couple. One fan commented, “I have all my heart in this video.” Another fan wrote, “I can’t stop watching this lovely video” Another comment read, “Nehu and Rohu are cute but Nehupreet is super cute! God bless her happiness and love.” Another wrote, “Lado aa jaayegi pajji intere ve karlo little.”

Neha is on a tour of Canada and it looks like ‘Rohu’ Rohanpreet is missing his wife a lot. Neha is also missing him. Recently Neha shared a picture with a boy in Vancouver which reminded her of Rohanpreet. She wrote, “A cute little boy who reminded me of Rohu! Getting love in #Vancouver too. Rohan replied, “Away Avale Chhote Sardar Sahab!!❤️❤️ Meri Sohni Vohti ji miss you bhat Sara!!”

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