National Family Health Survey-5: Bengal-UP leads in cycling, Goa families have the most cars

11 minutes ago

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According to a report by the National Family Health Survey-5, the families of West Bengal have the highest number of cycles in the country. There are 78.9% of the families here who have a bicycle. Uttar Pradesh is at number two. Here 75.6% of the households have bicycles. In Odisha 72.5%, in Chhattisgarh 70.8%, in Assam 70.3% of the households cycle. These figures were submitted in 2019-2020.

Only 5.5% of the households in Nagaland have bicycles. In the second place, Sikkim has 5.9%, Mizoram has 9.3%, Himachal Pradesh 12.7%, Jammu and Kashmir 18.3%, Meghalaya 18.4% of the households go by cycle. 32.2% in Rajasthan, 29.3% in Maharashtra, 29.9% in Gujarat, 27.2% in capital Delhi, 67.8% in Punjab, 45.1% in Madhya Pradesh ride cycles.

Only 7.5% families have a car

Even though the number of cars on the roads is more visible, but according to the survey report, only 7.5% of the households in the country have a car. Know which state has more cars.

state cars near families
Goa 45.2%
Kerala 24.2%
Jammu and Kashmir-Ladakh 23.7%
Himachal Pradesh 21.1%
Punjab 21.9%
Nagaland 21.3%
Sikkim 20.9%
Arunachal Pradesh 19.3%
Manipur 17%
Mizoram 15.5%

Top 10 states where families living have the least number of cars

state cars near families
A state in Eastern India 2.0%
Odisha 2.7%
West Bengal 2.8%
Andhra Pradesh 2.8%
Jharkhand 4.1%
Chhattisgarh 4.3%
Tripura 4.6%
Telangana 5.2%
Madhya Pradesh 5.3%
Uttar Pradesh 5.5%

19.4% of the households living in the capital Delhi have their own car. 15.3% in Haryana, 8.2% in Rajasthan, 10.9% in Gujarat, 8.7% in Maharashtra, 12.7% in Uttarakhand have a car.

49.7% of the households in the country have their own two wheeler

About 49.7% of the households in the country have their own two wheeler. If understood a little more simply, in the 25 crore families living in the country, more than 12 crore families have bikes or two wheelers. Maximum 86.7% households in Goa have two wheelers. Punjab is at number two. 75.6% of the families here are such that they definitely have some two wheeler. 66.4% of the families living in Rajasthan, 63.9% in Tamil Nadu, 63.3% in Haryana and 61.1% in Gujarat own a bike or any two wheeler. Talking about Uttar Pradesh, 51.1% of the households are bike owners, apart from this, 46.1% of Uttarakhand, 53.1% of Delhi, 32.3% of Himachal Pradesh, 27.2% of Bihar, 51.5% of families in Madhya Pradesh own two wheelers.

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