Nahi Diga Iman: Auto mechanic’s son found a bag full of Rs 5 lakh in Bareilly; Mother-son returned to the owner

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  • Auto Mechanic’s Son Found A Bag Full Of Five Lakh Rupees On The Road; Mother son Returned The Money To The Contractor

Uttar Pradesh9 minutes ago

What is honesty, one should learn this from 10 year old Hannan and his mother Tarannum living in Bareilly. Hannan could not find the owner of the bag full of 5 lakh rupees found lying on the way, so he put this bag in his mother’s hand. At the behest of his mother, he again reached the same place where the bag was found. Waited standing in the sun for a long time. Then, looking for his bag, it was handed over to the contractor who arrived.

Tarannum is the wife of an auto mechanic, living in Thiriya Nijawat Khan village of Cantt. The family is financially weak. Hannan, a student of class VI, had gone out on Thursday evening to get some household items. During this, a bag was seen falling from the auto passing through the road. Hannan picked up the bag and ran behind the auto, but could not catch it.

When Tarannum opened the bag, bundles of notes were seen, sent the son back there.

Tarannum and his son Hannan.

Tarannum and his son Hannan.

After returning home, he gave the bag to mother Tarannum. When Tarannum opened the bag, she was shocked. He asked Hannan to go and stand where the bag had fallen from the auto. Said that the owner of the bag would definitely return to find him. After this Hannan stood in the sun on the road for a long time. After some time it was announced from the Masjid Khwaja Garib Nawaz that if anyone has found any bag dropped, then return it. Hannan then reached the mosque and returned his bag to the contractor Firasat Haider Khan.

school waived one year’s fee
After getting information about the incident, the Sabri Public School where Hannan studies has waived off his one year’s fees. Along with this, he has also been promised free all course books and uniform forms. School manager Sajid Khan has praised Hannan saying that he is proud that Hannan is a student of his school.

Don’t count money, just see bundles of notes
Tarannum says that he was not tempted to see the bundle of notes in the bag, but thought what would happen to the person whose money had fallen. Thinking of this, he sent his son out again. He did not count the money, because it was someone else’s trust.

Bundle dropped in closing cloth bag
Contractor Firasat Haider Khan told that he had come to Thiria Nijawat Khan from his own car. When he saw the narrow roads, he caught the auto. The bag of money was kept in a big bag of clothes. On the way, when the mouth of the bag of clothes was left open, he kept the bag containing the notes with him and closed it. During this the bag fell. When he came to know after going some distance, he had jumped from the moving auto.

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