Muslim women celebrated Holi with gulal, rose petals Varanasi News – Times of India

Varanasi: “Yogi aaye gayin ab dar kahe ka, fiza mein udwa gulal ab dar kahe ka” (Yogi has come, why fear now? Throw gulal in the air, why fear now). It was this song that rented the air as Muslim women celebrated the festival of colors in Lamhi village on Wednesday.
in front of Holi During the festival, two women belonging to the Muslim Women’s Foundation played ‘Gulal ki Holi’ (Holi with dry colours) and painted the picture of Lord Rama. Showering colors and rose petals, Muslim women sang self-composed Holi songs to the beat of drums in praise of Hindu deities – God Vishwanath, Lord Krishna, and Lord Rama. Presenting a beautiful combination of communal harmony, spread colors on each other and enjoy the festival.
“We are one by blood, lineage, culture, ancestors and country. We cannot leave Indian culture. The color of Holi is in our blood. It is our cultural right to play Holi. Fundamentalists try to keep Muslims isolated, but we are one and have an emotional connection with our culture,” said MMF president Nazneen Ansari. Najma Parveen said that fanatics should leave hatred and play Holi with Gulal.
“The leftists who degrade the Sanatan culture, raise the slogan ‘Save water’ as soon as Holi approaches and advise not to offer milk on Shivratri. Their motive is neither to save water nor milk, but to bring down India by telling the traditions of Sanatan Have to show. Culture is irrelevant,” he said.