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Mum: Here’s how Google is making search more powerful – Times of India

Google has announced that it is using new artificial intelligence features multitask integrated model (MUM) for lens and search. In the coming months, the company will give users the ability to ask questions about what you see. Announced at Google I/O in May, Mother T5 uses a text-to-text framework and is trained in 75 different languages, allowing it to develop a more comprehensive understanding of information. And since MUM is multimodal, it understands text and image information.
“With this new capability, you can tap the lens icon when you’re viewing a picture of a shirt, and ask Google to find you the same pattern — but on another article of clothing like socks. When you’re looking for something that can be hard to describe accurately with words alone. You might type “Victorian socks with white flowers,” but you might not find that exact pattern. Don’t find what you’re looking for. By combining images and text into a single query, we’re making it easier to search visually and express your queries in a more natural way.” Google said in a blog post.
The company is also adding MuM to redesign the search option. The company claims that these new AI advances will make it easier to explore and understand new topics. The new feature will be added in the coming months and is said to unlock deeper insights. The tech giant is also making it easier to zoom in and out of a subject with new features to refine and expand searches. A new visual results page is also added to the search option and you can try it out today. The new page displays visually rich pages from across the web, with articles, images, videos and more that you can scroll through.
“The updates we are announcing today do not end with MUM. We are also making it easier to shop from a wide range of merchants large and small, no matter what you are looking for. And we We are helping people better assess the credibility of the information they find online. Also, for the moments that matter most, we are exploring new ways to help people gain information and insights. ” Google added in their blog post.


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