MPL: MPL launches SDK, aims to strengthen game developers – Times of India

mobile premier league (MPL), which is claimed to be Asia’s largest skill gaming platform, has launched an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK) with an aim to strengthen the game developer community. The SDK Kit seeks to enable developers to natively publish games on the MPL Pro App As well as natively in their games with support for massive eSport tournaments on the Google and Apple App Stores.
“It builds on the proven capabilities of the SDK to monetize games through pay-to-play tournaments MPL Application. Game developers can now focus on what they love: building a highly engaging and differentiated game experience while taking advantage of MPL’s developer platform and maintaining only one build. playstore / appstore and MPL app,” said Vibhav Viswanathan, Vice President, product development, MPL.
“The challenges in building community around multiplayer games can be easily solved by this SDK which is lightweight and does not consume a lot of bandwidth from players. This results in stronger retention in user acquisition activity and more importantly support It creates a competitive and fun environment.” Vamshi Krishna, CTO, YesGnome, Bengaluru based game developer.
For developers, according to Viswanathan, publishing on the MPL app opens up access to 90 million users, who can compete in a variety of battle formats, win prizes and create recognition. With massive eSports tournaments, developers can now reach more players, with increased reach, revenue and retention for their gaming titles.
Viswanathan claimed that the SDK reinforces that MPL is building on its deep technology capabilities so that developers can take advantage of the rapidly growing mobile esports opportunity.
“We have enabled an enriched player experience with competitive gaming on our MPL Pro platform, and today we are thrilled to seamlessly expand this to games on the Play Store and App Store through massive eSports tournaments. ”