Moving In With Malaika: Malaika Arora reveals how she overcame her fear of driving after a near death accident

New Delhi: Relationships, glamor and more. This iconic diva of Bollywood has seen it all. The glamorous and inspirational icon Malaika Arora, who has captured the hearts of millions with her scintillating dance moves and mesmerizing charm, makes her much-awaited digital debut with Disney+ Hotstar. He is all set to give fans a sneak peek into his life through unfiltered conversation in an all new show ‘Moving In With Malaika’.

In the previous episode, Malaika expressed her fear of driving after a near death accident. She also talks about how she would like to overcome this fear in the show. Taking a step closer, the intrepid diva agrees to do an ad commercial where she is required to get behind the wheel, but it hasn’t been an easy road for her to explain herself. Enter.. Amrita Arora.

Malaika Arora is seen calling her sister Amu to express her fear and seek advice from her. Calming her down with encouraging words, Amrita says, “We know what you are going through. But I think it’s probably kind of a divine intervention that you’ve been put in this kind of situation where you’re probably facing your worst fears at the moment. In this moment you literally have a chance to grab it by the lemons and get on with it. You need to face the fear that has arisen inside you because of what happened, and keep moving forward as Malaika, who has always taken risks and faced any difficult situation.

Malaika’s joy knows no bounds after facing her fear and overcoming it… literally.

See the inspirational and fearless side of Malaika Arora on her show ‘Moving In With Malaika’.