‘Most Teams Don’t do That’: Moeen Ali Reveals How MS Dhoni is Different from Other Captains

Last Update: May 22, 2023, 2:38 PM IST

Moeen Ali joined CSK ahead of IPL 2021.  (pic credit: sportzpix)

Moeen Ali joined CSK ahead of IPL 2021. (pic credit: sportzpix)

Chennai Super Kings will face Gujarat Titans in the first qualifier of IPL 2023 on Tuesday night

Chennai Super Kings have been one of the most consistent teams in IPL history and have shown that they have the ability to get the best out of players, no matter the stage of their career. Ajinkya Rahane is a prime example who is enjoying himself scoring runs at a brisk pace after being picked at his base price last December.

Last season, CSK finished second from the bottom in the points table. However, in IPL 2023, they have qualified for the playoffs by finishing second from the top.

So what sets CSK and their captain MS Dhoni apart from other franchises?

CSK all-rounder Moeen Ali believes that their captain and coach don’t lose faith in a player quickly, which is one of the major reasons why they are so successful.

“What sets MS apart from everyone else in a lot of ways as captain, says guys are some bad games, especially in the first few games, and I think every other team will drop the player or say ‘look you Maybe not, Moeen told CSK, “It’s pretty good now.” Long players.”

Moeen has been a part of CSK for three seasons now and understands what the team culture is like.

“I think the captain is very important and he’s obviously been very important. At the end of the day, the youngsters have to bowl. Those guys probably played more than they should have played. They started with injuries and He has taken his chances surprisingly well,” said the 35-year-old.

Moeen points out that the competition for every spot in a good team is fierce, which means that whenever a player gets an opportunity, he has to capitalize on it. And since chances are rare, it gets ingrained in the players’ mindset that they have to make the best of it.

Moeen said that therefore the role of coach and captain becomes crucial to instil confidence, especially among the youngsters.

“Competition is high in a good team. There are always people fighting for places. So, what happens is you take that responsibility and you want to take your chance. And these opportunities don’t come often. So players That mindset changes to ‘I need to take my chances’. But having said that you need the captain to actually talk to the players and the bowling coaches. And that’s where CSK is very special, because that’s what they do And they give confidence to these people,” he said.