More than 20 million people under winter weather warning as powerful bomb cyclone hits northeast – Henry’s Club

With more than 20 million Americans under winter weather warnings as of Friday evening, snow from the Deep South to the Canadian border is expected from a combination of rivers of moisture and cooler temperatures from a winter storm late in the weekend.

Total snowfall in northern parts of alabama and Mississippi up to about 13 inches in northern Maine.

The storm could cause travel problems and power outages over a large part of the eastern United States late Friday night through early next week.

The storm is first passing through Central America, threatening parts of the central Gulf Coast, Georgia Florida Panhandle and Carolinas with strong thunderstorms Friday night through Saturday, CNN report.

The system is referred to by some as an ominous-sounding ‘bomb cyclone’, which forms when the storm subsides to 24 millibars of pressure within 24 hours.

Several school districts from Kansas to Pennsylvania have announced they are closing ahead of a late winter storm.

According to the tracking website, more than 500 fights within the US have already been canceled for Friday and 6,404 are reporting potential delays. flight information495 flights have already been canceled for Saturday.

“With this bomb cyclone, perhaps the biggest concern is how late in the season it is and how it is traveling inland,” said Juda Cohen, a winter storm specialist at Atmospheric Environment Research, a commercial firm out of Boston.

A late winter storm passing through Central America and moving northeast will drop snow from the Deep South to the Canadian border over the weekend

This storm threatens the Central Gulf Coast, parts of Georgia, the Florida Panhandle and the Carolinas with strong thunderstorms Friday night through Saturday

Strong winds in the mid-Atlantic and northeast will make an “extremely dangerous journey” with snowfall on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. Above, emergency crews respond to vehicles off the road in Putney, Vermont on Wednesday

NWS warns that six to 12 inches of snow is likely to fall across much of the Northeast

And that was bad news for the plants that acted like spring.

Cohen said many crops and plants in the Southeast have begun to flower because of very hot weather and freezing cold temperatures – perhaps record lows – which are expected at the rear end of this bomb cyclone, causing some serious damage. can. It is possible.

The National Weather Service is reporting The potential for “heavy rain and possible flash floods” in northern Florida and southeast Georgia began Friday night and “increases” Saturday morning.

According to a CNN report, about four to six inches of snow can be seen in the Tennessee and Ohio River valleys.

“In the east, rain will turn to snow over southern New England early Saturday for the Mid-Atlantic states, as winds turn to the northwest and increase in speed,” the NWS says.

‘Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour are expected to combine with winds of up to 50 mph which will make the journey extremely dangerous given the significant reduction in visibility on Saturday.’

More than a foot of snow is likely to fall in places like New York and northern New England.

“The heaviest snowfall is expected in northern New England in central and northern New York, where there is a chance of more than 6 to 12 inches,” the NWS said.

“It’s a very impressive storm system,” Matthew Clay, a meteorologist with the Weather Service in Burlington, Vermont, said in an interview. new York Times on Friday.

‘For interior New England, we are expecting seven to 14 inches of snow quite widely.’

An earlier reporter showed Friday that the area that will be affected by snow will stretch from northern Alabama and Mississippi through the Tennessee and Ohio valleys and through the northeast

School districts from Kansas City to Pittsburgh have already announced closures. Above, people walk on Main Street as it snows Wednesday in Brattleboro, Vermonte

As the Times reports, about 20 million people are subject to some sort of winter weather warning.

Several school districts in Kansas City had already announced they would be closed Thursday because of the storm WDF,

On Friday, Overland Park, Kansas had the most snow in the area with 5.7 inches, followed by Harrisonville, Missouri with 5.5 inches and Liberty, Missouri at 5 inches, new channel said,

Several school districts in the Pittsburgh area announced they would be closed. KDKA,

Snowfall in Pittsburgh could reach up to 6 inches, with the worst weather between early Saturday and afternoon, CNN reports.

A cold front is also moving east and bringing temperatures 30 degrees below average from Texas to Minnesota on Friday.

Single-digit windchills can be felt in the Great Lakes and Northeast over the weekend.

A bomb cyclone has nothing to do with explosions, except how explosively a hurricane develops.

It occurs when a storm intensifies by rapidly reducing pressure, dropping at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.

The NWS is reporting the likelihood of ‘heavy rain and possible flash floods’ for northern Florida and southeast Georgia through Friday night and ‘reducing’ through Saturday morning. Above, a child runs through a puddle in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on Friday

A cold front is also moving east and bringing temperatures 30 degrees below average from Texas to Minnesota on Friday. Above, a man passes by the University of Pittsburgh on Wednesday

In this case, computer models predict that the storm will drop from about 1006 millibars in Alabama to about 976 in Boston, and by the time it hits Canada in the 960s, Cohen said.

Cohen said there are usually several bomb cyclones near the east, but many are over the ocean and none are affected. That’s at least a third for the east coast this winter, he said.

‘It’s getting a little closer to the ground so it gets a little more attention, because if it'[isjustafishstormthenwhocares?’Cohensaid’Notthatit’sunusual'[sjustafishstormwhocares?’Cohensaid’It’snotlikeit’sthatunusual'[सिर्फएकमछलीतूफानहैतोकौनपरवाहकरताहै?’कोहेननेकहा।’ऐसानहींहैकियहअसामान्यहै।'[sjustafishstormwhocares?’Cohensaid‘It’snotlikeit’sthatunusual’

Cohen said the bombs are late in the cyclone season, so it could be the last at least for the Southeast, even the rest of the coast.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning from the Deep South to northern Maine.

In New York’s state capital Albany, a St. Patrick’s Day parade that was scheduled for Saturday was postponed for a week because of the oncoming storm.

‘Two years after the coronavirus cancellation,’ co-chair Tim Carey said in a statement, ‘the parade committee will wait another week to put this snow storm behind us, so we can safely enjoy the event together’ Can you