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September 12 – Wearing a Spider-Man costume, three-year-old William Tyrell disappears from a garden on the NSW North Coast while visiting members of his foster family.

September 21 – Police close the search for the missing boy after searching the surrounding bushes and nearby houses.


January 20 – Police search the home and business of washing machine repairman Bill Spading, a home repairman, after a three-year-old goes missing.

Detectives take items for testing including a mattress, computers and vehicles. They drain his septic tank.

January 23 – The washing machine repairman publicly denies any involvement in William’s disappearance, saying he and his wife are on the verge of collapse due to public attention.

February 19 – Homicide detectives handle the case and say it is possible that William may have been kidnapped.

March 2 – Police search an area of ​​bushland near Bonnie Hills for three days following a tip-off.

April 17 – William’s foster parents speak publicly for the first time in an emotional video released via police that does not identify them.

April 17 – Police say boy may be victim of pedophile ring.

September 6 – 60 Minutes of The Nine Network shows two suspicious cars parked on the road the morning of William’s disappearance.

12 September – A year after his disappearance, ‘Where’s William’ week is launched.


September 12 – A reward of $1 million is awarded for information on William’s return.


August 24 – The status of William’s foster child is revealed following a historic court ruling.


12 June – NSW Police announce the start of a four-week forensic search of bushland conducted by Strike Force Roseanne.

June 14 – William’s grandmother scolds police, who fail to find the young boy four years later, claiming their latest discovery is ‘just for show’.

June 26 – Forensic search continues on what would have been William’s seventh birthday.

June 27 – Strike Force Roseanne announces it will lead a search to the 800 sqm block of bushland where William was last seen alive.

June 5 – The latest search ends with Detective Chief Inspector Gary Zubelin saying the case may soon go to a coroner.

August – Investigation leader Detective Chief Inspector Gary Zubelin and a sergeant get into a disagreement during a briefing.

September 13 – Police reveal they found the wreckage of a burnt-out car of a former man.

December 19 – Coroners say William may still be alive and investigation will determine whether he died.


February – DCI Zubelin removed from investigation amid misconduct investigation.

March 25 – The investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrell begins, with William’s biological and foster parents appearing over the course of a week.

The trial of the first batch of inquiries focused on William’s family situation and the events leading up to his disappearance.

Both his foster and biological parents were questioned, as were neighbors who helped with the search.

It was revealed that William’s biological parents had absconded with him for six weeks following a court order from the children in 2012.

William’s biological father reprimands the authorities for humiliating him.

‘Authority f***ed up… It was the minister’s duty to keep William safe until he was 18. It was not like that at all.

May: DCI Zubelin resigns from the police force.

June: Four charges of Violation of Surveillance Equipment Act filed against DCI Zubelin. he denies any wrongdoing

August: The hearing of the second installment of the inquiry is starting from Wednesday, August 7.

The Inquest heard that NSW mid-north coast repairman Bill Spading and a man interested in the disappearance of William Tyrell had coffee at 9.30 a.m. in Lauriton, a 15-minute drive from Kendall, the day after William left. met his wife. missing.

They then attend a school meeting across the street, where they watch a child in their care receive a prize.

Inquiries revealed that on the day the child went missing, a man who claimed to have unceremoniously seen William Tyrell in the back of a speeding car was waiting for police to tell him what he saw.

He told during interrogation that he had approached the police but had not heard of an interview.

It took him about 1000 days to reveal what he saw to the police.

The coroner orders an immediate investigation of the final image that was taken on the day of William’s disappearance because metadata suggests the image may have been taken 118 minutes earlier than originally thought.

The image has a ‘created time’ of 7.39 a.m. and a ‘correct time’ of 9.37 a.m., a new document from the 2000-page evidence brief.

The coronal investigation has been delayed by eight months, with the next round of hearings due in March 2020.

November 11: Deputy State Coroner releases footage of William Tyrell and family at Heatherbray McDonald’s on September 11, 2014

February – March 2020: Gary Zubelin defends four charges of illegally recording Paul Savage in court hearing

21 February: Daily Mail Australia reveals that Frank Abbott was arrested in custody for the purpose of a police interview about William’s disappearance

March 2020: The coronation investigation into William’s disappearance resumes but was halted for two days due to the coronavirus outbreak

April 6, 2020: Magistrate Ross Hudson delivers his verdict in the Gary Zubelin case

April 8, 2020: Zubelin pleads guilty to all four charges and is fined $10,000. Former cop says he will appeal

June 22, 2020: Police and SES begin a new search for William Tyrell near Heron Creek, where Abbott once lived

June 26, 2021: Police celebrate William Tyrell’s 10th birthday

November 15, 2021: Detectives return to Kendall after receiving new information and admit they are searching for a body. are reported to be persons of interest in the case of their foster parents