Monitoring of Delta+ variant intensified in Rajasthan | Jaipur News – Times of India

Jaipur: Surveillance has been intensified for the Delta+ variant of COVID across the state after a woman Bikaner Tested positive for version. Health teams are collecting samples for genome sequencing of people who have been diagnosed with COVID in different parts of the state.
from DausaSamples from a patient admitted in the district hospital were sent to Jaipur for genome sequencing. “Two persons tested positive for Covid and samples of one have been sent to Jaipur for genome sequencing. The sample was collected on Saturday and the report is awaited,” said Dr CL Meena, Chief Medical Officer, Dausa.
Senior health officials in Jaipur said only one delta+ variant case has been detected in the state so far. “No other person has been found infected with the Delta+ variant, but surveillance has been intensified,” a senior health department official said.
In Bikaner, health officials continued to camp in Bengla Nagar for the third consecutive day. Dr BL Meena, in-charge of COVID, Bikaner, said, “We continued our door-to-door survey in the area and collected samples for COVID tests.”
Since the Delta+ variant has already been declared as a Type of Concern (VOC) and has increased transmission efficiency, health officials are collecting and sending samples from different parts of the state. SMS Medical College And also from a consortium of laboratories to one laboratory for whole genome sequencing.
The state government has developed facilities for genome sequencing SMS Hospital. Officials claimed that 90% of the samples in the genome sequencing of SMS Hospital have tested positive for the delta variant.


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